Place of Meeting The meeting/hearing will be held at the Oil and Gas Commission 2211 King Blvd, Casper, WY 82604 and by Zoom video conferencing Starting at 9:00 a.m. Contact Joe Girardin , 777-7170 or for information or assistance to gain access to the Zoom meeting.
The agenda may be amended at anytime, up to 24 hours prior to the meeting. Emergency items can be added at any time. Agenda items that do not have a specific time indicated can be taken up by the Council at any time.
CALL TO ORDER - Introduction of Council Members & Staff
APPROVAL OF May 18 2021 Minutes
In Re Mineral Technology Corporation Docket 21-4501 DEQ land quality moved to forfeit the bond of Mineral Technology Corporation for failure to reclaim land under License to Explore for Minerals by Dozing LE0258 . Bond is for $5000.00 and issued by First Interstate Bank, Billings MT. Bond No. 12371
In Re Future Enterprises LLC ET 1335 Docket 21-4502 Limited Mining operation abandoned by Mr Gary Muller. There appears to be 1/5 acres left disturbed and un-reclaimed
In Re Future Enterprises LLC ET1179 Docket 21-4503 Future Enterprises failed to reclaim property located at Section 18 T 57N R 83W. Owner Gary Muller
In Re Future Enterprises LLC ET1366 Docket 21-4504 Future Enterprises LLC is a defunct company. Has multiple Limited Mining Operations that have not been reclaimed. This is the third in 2021
Public Hearings The Council may call an Executive Session at anytime during the meeting.
In Re Water Quality, Chapter 24 Docket 21-3101 This rule package was continued from the May meeting until the August meeting for further discussions with the EPA. The proposed revisions to Chapter 24 include revisions to definitions and passages for consistency with federal regulations and Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regulations; clarification of public liability insurance requirements for consistency with Wyoming Statutes (W.S.) § 35-11-313(f)(ii)(O); the addition of an affidavit filing requirement for consistency with W.S. § 35-11-313(f)(vi)(G); removal or clarification of financial assurance requirements for consistency with other WDEQ rules and Uniform Commercial Code statutes; removal of passages that are restatements of the Wyoming Statutes; the addition of Section 21 for compliance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedures Act; and the correction of formatting and style inconsistencies and errors.
In Re Rules of Practice and Procedure Chapter 3 Docket 21-1101 The proposed revisions to Chapter 3 incorporate changes to the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act resulting from the passage of House Enrolled Act 33 during the 2019 Legislative Session.
In Re Solid and Harzardous Waste Rules Chapter 1 and 7 Docket 21-5101 SHWD proposed revisions to Chapter 1 that not only revise defined terms that are used in the rules but also clarifies the permit application format, the permit application procedure, the public notice and comment procedure, and restructures passages in the Chapter for clarity. The proposed revisions to Chapter 7 modernize the financial assurance regulations, retain all financial instruments for use now and into the future, diversify the financial assurance portfolios, provide for immediate cash needs in the event of forfeiture, and ultimately reduce the reclamation liability risk to the State of Wyoming. The revisions also clarify the requirements for closure, post-closure, and corrective action cost estimates; clarify the requirements to participate in the State Guarantee Trust Account; and restructures passages in the Chapter for clarity.
Water Quality Division Administrator Presentation
ADMINISTRATIVE BUSINESS Items that are not on the agenda which only involve administrative issues governing the operations of the Council.