File Name: Cheyenne River NPDES Permits
EQC Docket Number: 02-3800
Date Opened: 12/20/2001
AG Attorney: Maggie Allely
Prevailing Party: Party Settled
Date of Disposition: 6/5/2002
Date File Closed: 6/5/2002
Archive Date: 12/10/2014
Archive Box: 115 CONTESTED CASES
City: Lusk
County: Niobrara
DEQ File Number: WY0047031 WY047171
Division: Water Quality
Case type: Non-Permit Holder Appeal
Hearing Examiner: Shogren
Summary: First appeal was received 12-20-01. A prehearing conference was scheduled for 4-29-02 in Lusk, WY. At the prehearing, the parties will discuss factual and legal issues, both substantive and procedural. On 6-5-02, EQC Order for dismissal was filed


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
12/10/2014DN 02-3800 Cheyenne NPDES.Order of DismissalJim RubyOrderAccepted
12/10/2014DN 02-3800 NPDES.Letter of Appeal.Multiple PermitsJim RubyPleadingAccepted
12/10/2014DN 02-3800.Letter from Powder River Coal Co.Jim RubyPleadingAccepted

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