File Name: LQD Coal Chapters 10 and 13
EQC Docket Number: 22-4103
Date Opened: 7/11/2022
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed:
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
City: State wide
County: State wide
DEQ File Number: LQD - Coal Chapters 10 and 13
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Rulemaking
Hearing Examiner: Radakovich
Summary: Coal Chapters 10 and 13 are proposing revisions to comply with the Legislative changes to W.S. 35-11-406 regarding public participation in permitting actions, addressing informal statutory review comments by the WY Attorney General's office, and updating rules to conform to the WY Secretary of State's Rules on Rules.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
7/11/2022Memo Requesting RulemakingCraig HultsMemo Requesting RulemakingAccepted
7/11/2022Craig Hults agreed to receive service by emailCraig HultsEmail Service AgreementAccepted
7/14/2022Memo to GovernorCraig HultsMemo to GovernorAccepted
7/14/2022AG ReviewCraig HultsAG ReviewAccepted
7/14/2022Advisory Board Transcript 12-9-2021Craig HultsAdvisory Board TranscriptAccepted
7/14/2022Statement of Principal ReasonCraig HultsStatement of Principal ReasonAccepted
7/14/2022Strike and Underline Chapter 10Craig HultsStrike and Underline ChapterAccepted
7/14/2022Clean Chapter 10Craig HultsClean ChapterAccepted
7/14/2022Strike and Underline Chapter 13Craig HultsStrike and Underline ChapterAccepted
7/14/2022Clean Chapter 13Craig HultsClean ChapterAccepted
7/14/2022Taking AnalysisCraig HultsTaking AnalysisAccepted
7/14/2022Advisory Board Transcript 8-19-2021Craig HultsAdvisory Board TranscriptAccepted
7/14/2022Advisory Board Transcript(Removed)Joe GirardinAdvisory Board TranscriptRemoved
7/21/20222020 Senate File 0044 - ObjectionsCraig HultsOtherAccepted
7/21/2022Notice of Public HearingCraig HultsNotice of Public HearingAccepted
7/22/2022Coal Notice of Intent to Adopt RulesCraig HultsNotice of Intent to Adopt RulesAccepted
7/25/2022Initial Index of Materials DEQ UsedCraig HultsIndex of Materials DEQ UsedAccepted

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