File Name: Hazardous Waste Rules, Chapter 1, General Provisions
EQC Docket Number: 21-5103
Date Opened: 12/6/2021
AG Attorney: James Kaste
Prevailing Party: Rule Making
Date of Disposition: 4/15/2022
Date File Closed: 4/15/2022
Archive Date: 8/23/2023
Archive Box:
City: State wide
County: State wide
DEQ File Number: Hazardous Waste Rules, Chapter 1, General Provisio
Division: Solid and Hazardous Waste
Case type: Rulemaking
Hearing Examiner: Shane True
Summary: The Solid and Hazardous Waste Division (SHWD) is proposing to adopt new EPA Hazardous Waste Rules and Regulations (HWRR). SHWD staff has considered the federal rules' applicability, and then revised the Wyoming Chapter 1, General Provisions of the HWRR using Incorporation by Reference (IBR). Due to a defect in Docket #21-5102 public notice process, DEQ has redoing the rulemaking in Docket #21-5103 on the proposed revisions to Chapter 1. The hearing will allow for a correction in the public notice process which occurred before the last EQC hearing.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
12/6/2021Governor's Memo to Proceed with rulemaking from 21-5102Carol StarkMemosAccepted
12/6/2021Strike and Underline Chapter from 21-5102Carol StarkStrike and Underline ChapterAccepted
12/6/2021Clean Chapter from 21-5102Carol StarkClean ChapterAccepted
12/6/2021Statement of Principal ReasonCarol StarkStatement of Principal ReasonAccepted
12/6/2021Notice of Public Hearing for WWAB Meeting from 21-5102Carol StarkPublic NoticeAccepted
12/6/2021WWAB Meeting Transcript June 29, 2021Carol StarkPublic NoticeAccepted
12/6/2021Comment on Proposed Rule - No Comments from 21-5102Carol StarkCommentsAccepted
12/6/2021Comment on Proposed Rule - Response to WWAB comments from 21-5102Carol StarkCommentsAccepted
12/6/2021Taking Analysis from 21-5102Carol StarkTaking AnalysisAccepted
12/6/2021AG Review from 21-5102Carol StarkAG ReviewAccepted
12/6/2021Carol Stark agreed to receive service by emailCarol StarkEmail Service AgreementAccepted
12/7/2021Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules(Removed)Carol StarkNotice of Intent to Adopt RulesRemoved
12/8/2021Transcript from 11-16-21 EQC HearingCarol StarkOtherAccepted
12/9/2021Memo Requesting RulemakingCarol StarkMemo Requesting RulemakingAccepted
12/9/2021Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules(Removed)Carol StarkNotice of Intent to Adopt RulesRemoved
12/9/2021Notice of Public Hearing(Removed)Carol StarkPublic NoticeRemoved
12/9/2021Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules(Removed)Carol StarkNotice of Intent to Adopt RulesRemoved
12/9/2021Strike and Underline ChapterCarol StarkStrike and Underline ChapterAccepted
12/9/2021Clean ChapterCarol StarkClean ChapterAccepted
12/9/2021Summary Table of Rules to be Adopted from EPA from 21-5102Carol StarkOtherAccepted
12/9/2021Memo Requesting Rulemaking from 21-5102Carol StarkMemo Requesting RulemakingAccepted
12/9/2021Public Comment from Household Commercial Products Assn from 21-5102Carol StarkCommentsAccepted
12/9/2021Response to Comment from 21-5102Carol StarkCommentsAccepted
12/9/2021Affidavit of Publication for EQC from 21-5102Carol StarkPublic NoticeAccepted
12/10/2021Notice of Intent to Adopt RulesCarol StarkNotice of Intent to Adopt RulesAccepted
12/10/2021EQC Public Notice of HearingCarol StarkPublic NoticeAccepted
2/4/2022Comment on Proposed RuleCarol StarkComment on Proposed RuleAccepted
2/4/2022Index of Materials DEQ UsedCarol StarkIndex of Materials DEQ UsedAccepted
2/10/2022Affidavit of Publication for EQC for Feb 15 2022 hearingCarol StarkPleading AffidavitAccepted
2/10/2022Index of Materials DEQ Used revised 2-10-22Carol StarkIndex of Materials DEQ UsedAccepted
2/11/2022Jim Ruby agreed to receive service by emailJim RubyEmail Service AgreementAccepted
2/15/2022Revised Comment on Proposed RuleCarol StarkPublic NoticeAccepted
2/16/2022Statement of Principal ReasonJim RubyStatement of Principal ReasonAccepted
2/16/2022Sign in Sheet(Removed)Jim RubyOtherRemoved
2/16/2022Response to CommentsJim RubyOtherAccepted
2/18/2022Sign in SheetJim RubyOtherAccepted
4/15/2022Clean ChapterCarol StarkClean ChapterAccepted
4/15/2022Certification PageCarol StarkCertification PageAccepted
4/15/2022Memo and Notice of Final Adoption HWR Ch. 1, General ProvisionsCarol StarkOtherAccepted
8/30/20222/15/22 Hearing TranscriptJoe GirardinTranscriptAccepted

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