File Name: Water Quality Rules Chapter 24
EQC Docket Number: 21-3101
Date Opened: 2/16/2021
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed:
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City: State wide
County: State wide
DEQ File Number: Water Quality Rules Chapter 24
Division: Water Quality
Case type: Rulemaking
Hearing Examiner:
Summary: The proposed revisions to Chapter 24 include revisions to definitions and passages for consistency with federal regulations and Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission regulations; clarification of public liability insurance requirements for consistency with Wyoming Statutes (W.S.) § 35-11-313(f)(ii)(O); the addition of an affidavit filing requirement for consistency with W.S. § 35-11-313(f)(vi)(G); removal or clarification of financial assurance requirements for consistency with other WDEQ rules and Uniform Commercial Code statutes; removal of passages that are restatements of the Wyoming Statutes; the addition of Section 21 for compliance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedures Act; and the correction of formatting and style inconsistencies and errors.


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2/16/2021Memo to GovernorGina ThompsonMemo to GovernorAccepted
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