File Name: test email and AG account
EQC Docket Number: 20-7701
Date Opened: 7/17/2020
AG Attorney: Callie Papoulas
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 7/28/2020
Date File Closed: 7/28/2020
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
City: State wide
County: State wide
DEQ File Number: dsaf
Division: Council Business
Case type: EQC Business
Hearing Examiner: NA
Summary: I am testing the AG account we recently had a problem with and I am checking if sending a delayed approval of pleadings is a problem.
test hearing8/24/2020 8:15:00 AMCouncil Offices


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
7/17/2020testingJoe GirardinPleadingAccepted
7/17/2020testing 1Joe GirardinPleadingAccepted
7/30/2020AG Review(Removed)Joe GirardinPleadingRemoved

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