File Name: Water Quality Rules and Regulations Chapter 27
EQC Docket Number: 18-3103
Date Opened: 8/3/2018
AG Attorney: Kelly Shaw
Prevailing Party: Petitioner
Date of Disposition: 12/10/2018
Date File Closed: 12/10/2018
Archive Date: 8/29/2023
Archive Box:
City: State wide
County: State wide
DEQ File Number: WQRR Chapter 27
Division: Water Quality
Case type: Rulemaking
Hearing Examiner: Lally
Summary: Rulemaking for Chapter 27 to clarify financial assurance requirements for UIC Class I facilities and for Class V, coalbed methane produced water injection facilities.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
8/3/2018Permission to Proceed with RulemakingGina ThompsonMemo to GovernorAccepted
8/3/2018Gina Thompson agreed to receive service by emailGina ThompsonEmail Service AgreementAccepted
9/5/2018EQC Hearing Request MemoGina ThompsonMemo Requesting RulemakingAccepted
9/5/2018Chapter 27-CleanGina ThompsonClean ChapterAccepted
9/5/2018Chapter 27-Strike and UnderlineGina ThompsonStrike and Underline ChapterAccepted
9/5/2018Notice of Intent to Adopt RulesGina ThompsonNotice of Intent to Adopt RulesAccepted
9/5/2018Statement of Principal Reasons for AdoptionGina ThompsonProposed Statement of Principal ReasonsAccepted
9/5/2018Public NoticeGina ThompsonNotice of Public HearingAccepted
9/5/2018Takings AnalysisGina ThompsonTaking AnalysisAccepted
9/5/2018Chapter 27-AG Statutory Authority ReviewGina ThompsonOtherAccepted
9/5/2018June 21, 2018 Water and Waste Advisory Board Meeting TranscriptGina ThompsonAdvisory Board TranscriptAccepted
9/5/2018Response to Comments Received Related to 6/21/18 WWABGina ThompsonAdvisory Board CommentAccepted
9/5/2018Index of MaterialsGina ThompsonOtherAccepted
10/19/2018Comment-Environmental Protection AgencyGina ThompsonComment on Proposed RuleAccepted
10/31/2018Response to Comments Received by October 22, 2018Gina ThompsonOtherAccepted
10/31/2018Chapter 27- Clean Copy Revised October 31, 2018Gina ThompsonClean ChapterAccepted
10/31/2018Chapter 27- Strike and UnderlineGina ThompsonStrike and Underline ChapterAccepted
10/31/2018Chapter 27 - Changes Made Since SeptemberGina ThompsonStrike and Underline ChapterAccepted
10/31/2018Proposed Statement of Reasons-Revised October 31, 2018Gina ThompsonStatement of Principal ReasonAccepted
10/31/2018Index of Materials - Revised October 31, 2018Gina ThompsonOtherAccepted
11/6/2018Signed Statement of Principal ReasonsGina ThompsonStatement of Principal ReasonAccepted
11/20/2018Public hearing transcriptJim RubyTranscriptAccepted
12/10/2018Certification PageGina ThompsonCertification PageAccepted

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