File Name: Storage Tank Program Chapter 1
EQC Docket Number: 18-5101
Date Opened: 2/7/2018
AG Attorney: James LaRock
Prevailing Party: Petitioner
Date of Disposition: 7/9/2018
Date File Closed: 7/9/2018
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
City: State wide
County: State wide
DEQ File Number: STP Chapter 1
Division: Solid and Hazardous Waste
Case type: Rulemaking
Hearing Examiner: T Flitner
Summary: Rulemaking to include new federal rules, streamlining, moving Chapters 17 and 19 from WQD to SHWD. Creating Solid & Hazardous Waste Program Rules Storage Tank Program Chapter 1
Public Hearing5/23/2018 9:00:00 AMGame and Fish Dept. 5400 Bishop Blvd. Cheyenne WY


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
2/12/2018Governor's ApprovalKaren HalvorsenMemo to GovernorAccepted
2/12/2018Statutory AuthorityKaren HalvorsenOtherAccepted
2/12/2018Statement of Principal ReasonKaren HalvorsenStatement of Principal ReasonAccepted
2/12/2018Taking ChecklistKaren HalvorsenOtherAccepted
2/12/2018Taking AnalysisKaren HalvorsenTaking AnalysisAccepted
2/12/2018Strike and Underline ChapterKaren HalvorsenStrike and Underline ChapterAccepted
2/12/2018Clean Chapter(Removed)Karen HalvorsenClean ChapterRemoved
2/12/2018Index of MaterialsKaren HalvorsenOtherAccepted
2/12/2018WWAB Transcript 1Karen HalvorsenAdvisory Board TranscriptAccepted
2/12/2018WWAB Meeting Transcript 2Karen HalvorsenAdvisory Board TranscriptAccepted
2/12/2018Advisory Board Comment and ResponseKaren HalvorsenAdvisory Board CommentAccepted
2/12/2018Karen Halvorsen agreed to receive service by emailKaren HalvorsenEmail Service AgreementAccepted
2/14/2018Revised Clean ChapterKaren HalvorsenClean ChapterAccepted
2/28/2018Notice of Intent(Removed)Karen HalvorsenNotice of Intent to Adopt RulesRemoved
3/13/2018Memo Requesting RulemakingJoe GirardinMemo Requesting RulemakingAccepted
3/14/2018Public Notice(Removed)Karen HalvorsenNotice of Public HearingRemoved
3/14/2018Public Hearing NoticeKaren HalvorsenNotice of Public HearingAccepted
3/14/2018Notice of IntentKaren HalvorsenNotice of Intent to Adopt RulesAccepted
3/14/2018Sterling Roberts agreed to receive service by emailSterling RobertsEmail Service AgreementAccepted
3/27/2018Oma Gilbreth agreed to receive service by emailOma GilbrethEmail Service AgreementAccepted
5/15/2018EPA CommentsJoe GirardinComment on Proposed RuleAccepted
5/16/2018Analysis of CommentsKaren HalvorsenCommentsAccepted
5/17/2018UPDATED Index of MaterialsKaren HalvorsenOtherAccepted
5/22/2018EQC PresentationAdrian DucharmeMemosAccepted
5/24/2018Statement of Principal Reasons SignedJim RubyStatement of Principal ReasonAccepted
5/24/2018Sign in SheetJim RubyOtherAccepted
7/5/2018Signed certification pageAdrian DucharmeCertification PageAccepted
7/9/2018SOS FinalAdrian DucharmeClean ChapterAccepted
10/2/2018Public hearing transcriptJim RubyTranscriptAccepted

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