File Name: In Re Mountain Construction Company
EQC Docket Number: 15-3203
Date Opened: 12/3/2015
AG Attorney: David Ross
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 3/2/2016
Date File Closed: 3/4/2016
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
City: Saratoga
County: Carbon
DEQ File Number: 5609-15
Division: Water Quality
Case type: NOV & Order if Docket Ends with A it's been appeal
Hearing Examiner: NA
Summary: Mountain Construction Company (Mountain) has received authorization under the WYPDES Large Construction General Permit (LCGP) WYR105125 for construction to occur along Wyoming Highway 130 from Walcott Junction to Saratoga, Wyoming. On June 17, 2015 the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ}, Water Quality Division (WQD) conducted an inspection of the above referenced project. During the inspection it was noted there was a discharge of concrete processed waste water, milky in color with a chemical smell, discharging from the bridge crossing the North Platte River (Class I water) directly Into the river via drain pipes from the bridge deck. Wastewater produced from concrete production or concrete washout Is considered "pollution" as defined in w.s. 35-11-103 (c)(i). The discharges referenced above entered "waters of the state" as defined under W.S. 35-11-103 (c)(vl) through authorized discharge points. By discharging pollution into waters of the state, Mountain is in violation of W.S. 35-11-301 (a)(l) and Chapter 2 of the Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations which state that no person, except when authorized by a permit issued by the Department of Environmental Quality, shall cause, threaten, or allow the discharge of any pollution or wastes into the waters of the state.


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12/3/2015DEQ/WQD Cover LetterJoe GirardinPleadingAccepted
12/3/2015NOV and OrderJoe GirardinPleadingAccepted
12/3/2015Notice of ComplianceJoe GirardinPleadingAccepted
12/9/2015Revised Notice of ComplianceJoe GirardinPleadingAccepted
3/3/2016Order Approving NOV&OrderJim RubyOrderAccepted

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