File Name: Mountain Cement Company
EQC Docket Number: 13-4807
Date Opened: 12/20/2013
AG Attorney: Andrew Kuhlmann
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 1/9/2014
Date File Closed: 2/27/2014
Archive Date: 3/26/2018
Archive Box:
City: Laramie
County: Albany
DEQ File Number: TFN 5 1/110
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Non-Permit Holder Appeal
Hearing Examiner: T Flitner
Summary: Objections to the Mountain Cement Company Mining Permit Amendment
Scheduling Conference12/30/2013 8:30:00 AM122 W. 25th. room 1714 Herschler Bldg. Cheyenne WY
Final Hearing1/9/2014 1:30:00 PMRoom 112, State Library, Cheyenne WY


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
12/23/2013DEQ Public NoticeTyffanne RowanPublic Notice 
12/23/2013Objection Letter from Brian WaitkusTyffanne RowanLetters 
12/26/2013DEQ Letter to Brian WaitkusTyffanne RowanLetters 
12/26/2013Jim Ruby agreed to receive service by emailJim RubyEmail Service Agreement 
12/27/2013WDEQ Letter to Brian WaitkusJim RubyLetters 
12/27/2013DEQ Letter to Hickey & Evans, LLPTyffanne RowanLetters 
12/27/2013Objection Letter from Cotton Holdings, LLC and Kathryn Cotton - Represented by Nancy Vehr, Hickey & Evans, LLP (Removed)Tyffanne RowanLetters 
12/27/2013Objection Letter from Cotton Holdings, LLC and Kathryn Cotton - Represented by Nancy Vehr, Hickey & Evans, LLPTyffanne RowanLetters 
12/27/2013Schedule Pre-Hearing OrderTyffanne RowanOrder 
12/27/2013Agreement to Electronic Service - Hickey & EvansTyffanne RowanEmail Service Agreement 
12/31/2013Order of ScheduleTyffanne RowanOrder 
12/31/2013Public NoticeTyffanne RowanPublic Notice 
1/6/2014Cotton Holdings, LLC's and Kathryn Cotton's Witness DisclosuresTyffanne RowanDiscovery 
1/6/2014DEQ's Witness DisclosuresTyffanne RowanDiscovery 
1/6/2014Mountain Cement Company's Witness DisclosuresTyffanne RowanDiscovery 
1/6/2014Scheduling Conference 12-30-13Tyffanne RowanTranscript 
1/7/2014Mountain Cement Company's Request for Filing ExtensionTyffanne RowanMemos 
1/7/2014Mountain Cement Company's Consent to Filing ExtensionTyffanne RowanMemos 
1/7/2014Cotton Holdings, LLC's and Kathryn Cotton's Consent to Filing ExtensionTyffanne RowanMemos 
1/7/2014DEQ's Consent to Filing ExtensionTyffanne RowanMemos 
1/7/2014Waitkus' Non-Consent to Filing ExtensionTyffanne RowanMemos 
1/7/2014Waitkus Exhibit ListTyffanne RowanPleading 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit ListTyffanne RowanPleading 
1/8/2014Cotton Holding, LLC's and Kathryn Cotton's Exhibit ListTyffanne RowanPleading 
1/8/2014Mountain Cement Company's Exhibit ListTyffanne RowanPleading 
1/9/2014Mountain Cement Motion to Dismiss ObjectionsTyffanne RowanPleading 
1/9/2014Cotton Holdings and Kathryn Cotton's Withdrawal of ObjectionTyffanne RowanPleading 
1/29/2014Hearing Transcript 1-9-14Tyffanne RowanTranscript 
2/11/2014Joe Girardin agreed to receive service by emailJoe GirardinEmail Service Agreement 
2/27/2014Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and OrderTyffanne RowanOrder 


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
1/7/2014Waitkus Exhibit 1Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014Waitkus Exhibit 2Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014Waitkus Exhibit 3Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014Waitkus Exhibit 4Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 1Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 2Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 3Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 4Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 5Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 6Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 7Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 8Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 9Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 10Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 11Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 12Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 13Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/7/2014DEQ Exhibit 14Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 1Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 2Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 3Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 4Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 5Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 6Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 7Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 8Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 9Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 10Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 11Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 12Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 13Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 14Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 15Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 16Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/8/2014Cotton Exhibit 17Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 1Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 2Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 3Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 4Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 5Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 6Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 7Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 8Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 9Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 
1/9/2014MCC Exhibit 10Tyffanne RowanFinal Exhibit 

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