File Name: Jim's Towing Service, Radiator Repair and Recycling, James Cook.
EQC Docket Number: 2336-91
Date Opened: 12/19/1991
AG Attorney: Barrash
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 2/10/1993
Date File Closed: 2/10/1993
Archive Date:
Archive Box: 14
City: Evanston
County: Uinta
DEQ File Number: 2336-91
Division: Solid and Hazardous Waste
Case type: NOV & Order if Docket Ends with A it's been appeal
Hearing Examiner: Lee
Summary: Operating facility in Evanston where various discarded materials, including lead acid batteries have been accumulated and stored for eventual recycling, and where at least 2 salvaged UST have been cut up for scrap. Haring held on 10.20.92. Transcript orde


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
10/22/2015Notice of ComplianceJim RubyPleadingAccepted
10/22/2015Petition for ReviewJim RubyPleadingAccepted
10/22/2015Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and OrderJim RubyOrderAccepted
10/22/2015NOV and Order from DEQ Solid Waste DivisionJim RubyPleadingAccepted

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