File Name: Linc Energy
EQC Docket Number: 13-4804
Date Opened: 10/21/2013
AG Attorney: Williamson
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 1/10/2014
Date File Closed: 1/10/2014
Archive Date: 3/26/2018
Archive Box:
City: Wright
County: Campbell
DEQ File Number: TFN 5 5/128
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner: Searle
Summary: Linc Energy has applied for a license for research, developing and testing of an in situ process of coal gasification
Final Hearing11/15/2013 12:00:00 AM 


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Archived 10/21/2013DEQ Public Notice   
Archived 10/21/2013Powder River Basin Resource Council Objection and Request for HearingAnderson  
Archived 10/21/2013Powder River Basin Resource Council AttachmentAnderson  
Archived 10/21/2013DEQ Letter to Powder River Basin Resource CouncilNuttbrock  
Archived 10/22/2013Sierra Club ObjectionIssod  
Archived 10/23/2013DEQ 20 Day WaiverWilliamson  
Archived 10/23/2013DEQ Letter to Sierra ClubNuttbrock  
Archived 10/23/2013Wyoming Outdoor Council CommentsWilson  
Archived 10/23/2013Linc Energy 20 Day WaiverSalzburg  
Archived 10/24/2013DEQ Consent to Electronic CorrespondenceWilliamson  
Archived 10/24/2013Linc Energy Consent to Electronic CorrespondenceSalzburg  
Archived 10/24/2013Wyoming Outdoor Council Consent to Electronic CorrespondenceWilson  
Archived 10/24/2013Powder River Basin Resource Council Consent to Electronic CorrespondenceAnderson  
Archived 10/24/2013Schedule Pre-Hearing Conference OrderSearle  
Archived 10/24/2013Wyoming Outdoor Council Withdrawal as PartyWilson  
Archived 10/28/2013Order of ScheduleSearle  
Archived 10/29/2013DEQ Letter to Wyoming Outdoor CouncilNuttbrock  
Archived 10/29/2013Briefing OrderSearle  
Archived 10/30/2013Powder River Basin Resource Council Clarification Email Regarding Briefing OrderAnderson  
Archived 11/1/2013Linc Energy Expert Witness DisclosureSalzburg  
Archived 11/4/2013Powder River Basin Resource Council First Set of Interrogatories and Requests for Production of DocumentsAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013Powder River Basin Resource Council Designation of Witnesses and ExhibitsAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 1 Viability of Underground Coal GassificationAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 2 Queensland ISP ReportAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 3 Fischer EmailAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 4 Letter from Tim MooreAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 5 Petition from LandownersAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 6 WRI Hoe Creek ReportAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 7 Gillette Long Term Water StudyAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 8 EPA Coalbed StudyAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 9 WSEO Fort Union StudyAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 10 State Water Plan - Northeast Wyoming River BasinAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 11 Wright Water Quality 2012 ReportAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 12 Table from State Water PlanAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 13 Technical Memo from State Water PlanAnderson  
Archived 11/5/2013PRBRC Exhibit 14 EPA Guidance-34Anderson  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 10 Aquifer Exemption Figure 13.14.2Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 11 Excursion Well Siting Control Figure 2Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 12 Site Layout PlanSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 13 Figure 13.8-3, Generalized Stratigraphic ColumnSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 14 Stock Wells Within 3 Miles of Project AreaSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 15 Wells Within Ten Miles of ProjectSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 16 Figure 13.8-7, Existing and Proposed Monitor WellsSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 17 Gasifier Pressure Graph, Rocky Mountain 1Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 18 Rocky Mountain 1 ELW Cavity Decommissioning and Restoration Contaminant Trends, Pt. 1Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 19 Rocky Mountain 1 CRIP Cavity Decommissioning and Restoration Contaminant Trends, Pt. 1Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 20 Rocky Mountain 1 CRIP Cavity Decommissioning and Restoration Contaminant Trends, Pt. 2Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 21 Source Aquifers for Groundwater Users Within AQ BoundarySalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 22 Wasatch and Fort Union Stratigraphy ChartSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 23 HydroStratigraphic ColumnSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 24 Idealized HydroStratigraphic Column Showing Water LevelsSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 25 Alternative Water Supply SourcesSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 26 LQD Reference Document 7, Groundwater Reclassification to Class V (Mineral Commercial) and Aquifer Exemption ProcessSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 27 GasTech Report (2007) (Included in PRBRC Exhibits)Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 28 EPA Guidance 34 (Included in PRBRC Exhibits)Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 29 Topical Report, Rocky Mountain 1Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Powder River Basin Resource Council Second Set of Requests for Production of DocumentsAnderson  
Archived 11/6/2013DEQ Witness and Exhibit ListWilliamson  
Archived 11/6/2013DEQ Exhibit 1Williamson  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Energy Witness and Exhibit ListSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 1 Underground Coal Gasification R&D License Application, Section 13.14 Appendix D-12 Statement of Basis, Wyodak Coal Aquifer ExemptionSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 2 Letter dated August 29, 2013, from Kevin Frederick to Douglas Minter, (transmitting UGC Application materials to EPA)Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 3 Underground Injection Control Program, Memorandum of Agreement between the State of Wyoming and the United States EPA, April, 1983Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 4 Application for WDEQ Class III Underground Injection Control and Research and Development License, August, 2013 (also identified by theSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 5 Letter dated October 25, 2013, from Derrith Watchman-Moore to Kevin Frederick ("interim response" from EPA re: Aquifer Exemption)Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 6 UCG Power Point presentationSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 6a UCG Video (included in Ex. 6)Salzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 7 Thomas J. Osborne ResumeSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 8 Figure 14-6, Water Treatment ProcessSalzburg  
Archived 11/6/2013Linc Exhibit 9 Aquifer Exemption AreaSalzburg  
Archived 11/12/2013DEQ Jurisdiction BriefWilliamson  
Archived 11/12/2013Linc Energy Jurisdiction BriefSalzburg  
Archived 11/12/2013PRBRC Jurisdiction BriefAnderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Supplemental Exhibit ListAnderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 15 U.S. Department of Energy, Morgantown Energy Technology Center, Underground Coal Gasification Technology Status Report, Oct. 1986 (exAnderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 16 Electronic correspondence between Nancy Nuttbrock, Muthu Kuchanur, and Todd Parfitt, Feb. 26, 2013Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 17 Electronic correspondence between Nancy Nuttbrock and Muthu Kuchanur, June 13, 2013Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 18 DEQ, Scenario 5: LQD receipt of (a) written objections with a request for EQC hearing and (b) written objections related to aquifer eAnderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 19 Electronic correspondence between Brian Andersen of Linc and various DEQ staff, April 30, 2012Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 20 Electronic correspondence between Lindstone Consultants and DEQ staff, Dec. 6-7, 2012Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 21 Electronic correspondence between David Smith of Linc and Kevin Frederick, Aug. 24, 2012Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 22 Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, List of wells in the section that is the subject of Linc's license application, Nov 13, Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 23 Letter from Muthu Kuchanur to Mike Hawks, Regarding proposed discussion items for January 10, 2013 meeting, Linc Energy Underground CAnderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 24 Memorandum from Don Fischer to Muthu Kuchanur and Mark Rogaczeski, July 29, 2013Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 25 Electronic correspondence between Muthu Kuchanur, Don Fischer, and other DEQ staff, July 29-Aug. 1, 2013Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 26 Electronic correspondence between Don Fischer and Kevin Frederick, Aug. 6, 2013Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 27 Electronic correspondence between Don Fischer and Kevin Frederick, Aug. 6. 2013Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 28 Memorandum from Muthu Kuchanur to Linc Energy File, Review of Section 13.14 Appendix D-12 Statement of Basis Wyodak Coal Aquifer ExemAnderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 29 Electronic correspondence between Don Fischer, John Passehl, and Kevin Frederick, May 20, 2013Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 30 Electronic correspondence from Brian Deurloo of Linc to Harold Kemp and other parties, Apr. 15, 2011Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 31 Electronic correspondence from Kevin Frederick to Nancy Nuttbrock, Apr. 12, 2013Anderson  
Archived 11/13/2013PRBRC Exhibit 32 Electronic correspondence from John Corra to various DEQ staff, Apr. 29, 2011Anderson  
Archived 11/22/2013Linc Energy Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and OrderSalzburg  
1/10/2014Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and OrderTyffanne RowanOrder 

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