File Name: Croell Redi-Mix
EQC Docket Number: 12-4802
Date Opened: 5/14/2012
AG Attorney: Burbridge
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 12/3/2012
Date File Closed: 7/17/2012
Archive Date: 3/26/2018
Archive Box:
City: Buffalo
County: Johnson
DEQ File Number: na
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner: Searle
Summary: Objection to proposed mining permit for which Croell Redi-Mix, Inc. has applied for, for the Shell Creek Pit.This permit is objected to on the basis that the proposed gravel mining operation will discharge air pollutants, will result in discharge of water pollutants and will compromise land quality.
Final Hearing7/13/2012 12:00:00 AM 


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Archived 5/14/2012Ehrmantraut.Objection LetterEhrmantraut  
Archived 5/14/2012Riggs Letter on Ehrmantraut Objection LetterRiggs  
Archived 5/14/2012Love.Objection letterLove  
Archived 5/14/2012Gay.Objection LetterGay  
Archived 5/14/2012Brannian Family.Objection LetterBrannians  
Archived 5/14/2012Jensen.Objection LetterJensen  
Archived 5/14/2012Ruby.Objection letterRuby  
Archived 5/14/2012Contact InformationNuttbrock  
Archived 5/15/2012Evitt.Objection LetterEvitt  
Archived 5/15/2012Dan Gay.Objection letterGay  
Archived 5/23/2012Public NoticeNuttbrock  
Archived 6/5/201220 Day Objection letter.DriggsRuby  
Archived 6/5/201220 Day Objection letter.LoveRuby  
Archived 6/5/201220 Day Objection letter.DgayRuby  
Archived 6/5/201220 Day Objection letter.brannianRuby  
Archived 6/5/201220 Day Objection letter.JensenRuby  
Archived 6/5/201220 Day Objection letter.RubyRuby  
Archived 6/5/201220 Day Objection letter.EvittRuby  
Archived 6/5/201220 Day Objection Letter.JgayRuby  
Archived 6/11/2012Matthews Objection LetterMatthews  
Archived 6/11/2012Wuthier Objection LetterWuthier  
Archived 6/13/201220 Day Objection letter.MatthewsNuttbrock  
Archived 6/13/201220 Day Objection Letter.WuthiersNuttbrock  
Archived 6/13/2012Croell Continuation LetterCroll  
Archived 6/14/2012Ehrmantraut Continuation Letter.BrooksBrooks  
Archived 6/14/2012Matthews Continuation LetterMatthews  
Archived 6/15/2012Jgay Continuation LetterGay  
Archived 6/18/2012Notice of Hearing and OrderSearle  
Archived 6/18/2012DEQ Continuation EmailEsch  
Archived 6/18/2012Jruby Continuation LetterRuby  
Archived 6/18/2012Love Continuation LetterLove  
Archived 6/18/2012Jensen Withdrawal EmailJensen  
Archived 6/20/2012Entry of AppearanceStewart  
Archived 6/25/2012Casper Star Tribune Legal Notice   
Archived 6/25/2012Buffalo Bulletin Legal Notice   
Archived 6/25/2012Sheridan Press Legal Notice   
Archived 6/26/2012Stipulated Agreement for Final Hearing.Stewart-CroellStewart  
Archived 6/26/2012Stipulated Agreement for Final Hearing.Brooks-EhrmantrautBrooks  
Archived 6/29/2012Notice of Filing ExhibitsStewart  
Archived 6/29/2012Croell Exh. 1Stewart  
Archived 6/29/2012Croell Exh. 2AStewart  
Archived 6/29/2012Croell Exh. 2BStewart  
Archived 6/29/2012Croell Exh. 3Stewart  
Archived 6/29/2012Croell Exh. 4Stewart  
Archived 6/29/2012Croell Exh. 5Stewart  
Archived 6/29/2012DEQ's Prehearing StatementEsch  
Archived 6/29/2012Ehrmantraut's Withdrawal of ObjectionBrooks  
Archived 7/3/2012Motion to Dismiss Selected Parties.StewartStewart  
Archived 7/3/2012Proposed Order Dismissing Selected PartiesStewart  
Archived 7/3/2012Withdrawal of Objection Email.LoveStewart  
Archived 7/5/2012Designation of WitnessesStewart  
Archived 7/9/2012Withdrawal of Objection.MatthewsMatthews  
Archived 7/17/2012Order Dismissing Selected PartiesSearle  
Archived 7/17/2012Order of DismissalSearle  

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