File Name: Arch of Wyoming
EQC Docket Number: 13-4801
Date Opened: 1/23/2013
AG Attorney: Esch
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 2/4/2013
Date File Closed: 2/4/2013
Archive Date: 3/26/2018
Archive Box:
City: Elk Mountain
County: Carbon
DEQ File Number: TFN 5 6/090
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Non-Permit Holder Appeal
Hearing Examiner: Coverdale
Summary: Two citizens commented on the Arch permit application. Neither citizen wished to pursue a public hearing.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
Archived 1/23/2013Lillegraven ObjectionLillegraven  
Archived 1/23/2013DEQ Response to LillegravenNuttbrock  
Archived 1/23/2013Lillegraven WithdrawalLillegraven  
Archived 1/23/2013Public Notice   
Archived 1/25/2013Johnson ObjectionJohnson  
Archived 1/25/2013DEQ Response to JohnsonNuttbrock  
Archived 1/29/2013Johnson WithdrawalJohnson  
Archived 2/4/2013Order of DismissalCoverdale  
Archived 2/20/2013DEQ Letter to LillegravenNuttbrock  

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