File Name: Lost Creek ISR, LLC
EQC Docket Number: 11-4803
Date Opened: 6/27/2011
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed: 10/6/2011
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
County: Sweetwater
DEQ File Number:
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner: Coverdale
Summary: Objection to the reclassification of the HJ Horizon of the Battle Spring Formation as Class V (Mineral Commercial) groundwater of the state. Objection to extending the Class V groundwater zone 1/4 mile beyond the monitoring well perimeter is also completely unjustified. WOC does not believe that adequate precautions have been taken to prevent lixiviant and associated minerals and contaminants from moving along that fault line and contaminate groundwater outside of the mineral zone and associated cone of depression for the mining operations. Disbelief that adequate precautions have been taken with regard to old abandoned wells in the area.
Final Hearing7/13/2011 12:00:00 AM 


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Archived 6/27/2011Objection Letter.WOCJones  
Archived 6/27/2011Certified DEQ Response LetterNuttbrock  
Archived 6/27/20112nd Public NoticeNuttbrock  
Archived 6/28/2011EQC 20 Day Objection LetterRuby  
Archived 6/29/2011Notice of Hearing and OrderCoverdale  
Archived 7/6/2011Amended Written ObjectionJones  
Archived 7/7/2011Prehearing OrderCoverdale  
Archived 7/11/2011Affidavit of PublicationRocket-Miner  
Archived 7/18/2011Entry of Appearance.JonesJones  
Archived 7/18/2011Joint Stipulated Motion to Modify Prehearing DeadlinesJones-Jones-Esch  
Archived 7/18/2011Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice.Bret A. FoxJones  
Archived 7/20/2011Newspaper Legal Notice.Casper.August Hearing   
Archived 7/20/2011Newspaper Legal Notice.Rocket Miner.Rock Spring.August Hearing   
Archived 7/20/2011Lost Creek ISR's Designation of Witnesses and ExhibitsMaryBeth Jones  
Archived 7/20/2011Wyoming Outdoor Council's List of WitnessesSteve Jones  
Archived 7/20/2011Wyoming Outdoor Council's First List of ExhibitsSteve Jones  
Archived 7/20/2011DEQ's Witness and Exhibit DesignationEsch  
Archived 7/21/2011Transcript.PrehearingWRS  
Archived 7/25/2011Joint Stipulated Motion to Further Modify Deadlines and Supplement Witness DesignationsJones-Jones-Esch  
Archived 7/25/2011Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice - Michelle C. KalesM.Jones  
Archived 7/26/2011Order Granting Motion for Pro Hac Vice.FoxM.Jones  
Archived 7/26/2011Order Granting Motion for Pro Hac Vice.KalesM.Jones  
Archived 7/27/2011Lost Creek ISR's Designation of Application ExhibitsM. Jones  
Archived 7/27/2011Wyoming Outdoor Council's Supplemented List of WitnessesS. Jones  
Archived 7/27/2011Wyoming Outdoor Council's Second List of ExhibitsS. Jones  
Archived 7/27/2011DEQ's Permit Application Exhibit DesignationEsch  
Archived 7/29/2011Lost Creek's Response to WY Outdoor Council's Amended Written Objections and Prehearing StatementB. Fox  
Archived 8/8/2011Affidavit of Publication.Casper Star   
Archived 8/19/2011DEQ.Exhibit 1Esch  
Archived 8/19/2011Lost Creek ExhibitsFox-Kales  
Archived 8/19/2011WOC ExhibitsJones  
Archived 8/26/2011DEQ's Closing ArgumentEsch  
Archived 8/26/2011Lost Creek ISR's Closing ArgumentKales  
Archived 8/26/2011Closing Argument of WY Outdoor CouncilS. Jones  
Archived 9/2/2011Stipulation of the WY DEQ and Applicant Lost Creek on EPA's Final Approval of the Revised Aquifer BoundaryFox-Esch  
Archived 10/6/2011Findings of Facts, Conclusions of Law and OrderCoverdale  

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