File Name: Owl Creek Gravel Products, LLC
EQC Docket Number: 11-4801
Date Opened: 4/21/2011
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed: 5/12/2011
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
County: Hot Springs
DEQ File Number:
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner:
Summary: Objection to some of the proposals contained in the application for a small mine permit application submitted by Owl Creek Gravel Products and a request for a formal public hearing on the application as been received.
Final Hearing5/13/2011 12:00:00 AM 


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Archived 4/21/2011Objection Letter.BrownEdwards  
Archived 4/21/2011Public Notice.Owl Creek GravelEdwards  
Archived 4/21/2011Certified DEQ LetterEdwards  
Archived 4/25/2011Newspaper Legal Notice - Thermopolis   
Archived 4/25/2011Newspaper Legal Notice - Casper   
Archived 4/26/2011Notice of Hearing and OrderFlitner  
Archived 4/29/2011Waiver to Chapter 1, Section 6 of the DEQ Rules of Practice and ProcedureSayer  
Archived 5/4/2011Prehearing OrderFlitner  
Archived 5/9/2011DEQ Prehearing StatementEsch  
Archived 5/9/2011Affidavit of Publication - Thermopolis Independent Record   
Archived 5/9/2011DEQ CorrespondenceEsch  
Archived 5/9/2011DEQ.Owl Creek Permit ApplicationEsch  
Archived 5/9/2011DEQ.Public Notice Affidavit PublicationEsch  
Archived 5/9/2011Owl Creek Prehearing MemorandumThrone  
Archived 5/11/2011Permittee's Objections to Witness ListThrone  
Archived 5/12/2011Joint Stipulated Motion for Dismissal of Objection with PrejudiceThrone, Esch, Schumacher  
Archived 5/12/2011Dismissal OrderFlitner  

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