File Name: Town of Wheatland-AOC
EQC Docket Number: 10-5907
Date Opened: 12/1/2010
AG Attorney: Kelly Shaw
Prevailing Party: Party Settled
Date of Disposition: 3/2/2016
Date File Closed: 8/22/2016
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
City: Wheatland
County: Platte
DEQ File Number: 5538-15
Division: Solid and Hazardous Waste
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner: Bagley
Summary: Submittal of a permit renewal application is required at least 180 days prior to expiration of the current permit. The permit for the Townof Wheatland landfill expired onSeptember 1, 2010, and a renewal or closure permit appliction has not been submitted. Therefore, the landfill is currently being operated without a valid permit. The Town has notified the DEQ that it plans to close its landfill and transfer waste to another permitted, but currently unspecified, disposal facility and needs additional time to prepare a closure permit application. Case was closed on 01/18/2012 and re-opened on 12/20/2013. Case reopened 04/06/2014 to modify AOC
Final Hearing1/13/2011 12:00:00 AM 


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
12/1/2010Administrative Order on ConsentAndersonPleadingAccepted
1/19/2011Order Approving Order on ConsentFlitnerPleadingAccepted
12/13/2011Joint Stipulation on Modification of Administrative Order on ConsentWilliamsonPleadingAccepted
1/18/2012Order Modifying Administrative Order on ConsentFlitnerOrderAccepted
12/27/2013Joint Stipulation for Second Modification of Administrative Order on ConsentTyffanne RowanPleading 
1/6/2014Proposed Order Modifying Administrative Order on ConsentTyffanne RowanPleading 
1/10/2014Order Modifying Administrative Order on ConsentTyffanne RowanOrder 
4/6/2015Administrative Order On Consent 2015Jim RubyPleadingAccepted
4/6/2015Motion to approve AOCJim RubyPleadingAccepted
5/21/2015Order Approving Order on Consent May 2015Jim RubyOrderAccepted
12/10/2015Joint Stipulation to Modify Administrative Order on ConsentJoe GirardinPleading ExhibitAccepted
3/3/2016Order modifying Order Approving Order on ConsentJim RubyOrderAccepted
7/14/2016Joint Stipulation on Modification of Administrative Order on ConsentJim RubyPleadingAccepted
8/22/2016AOC for 2016Jim RubyOrderAccepted

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