File Name: Town of Alpine
EQC Docket Number: 10-3801
Date Opened: 9/9/2010
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed: 1/14/2011
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
County: Lincoln
DEQ File Number:
Division: Water Quality
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner: Coverdale
Summary: Appeals and requests a hearing of the issuance of DEQ permit 10-254R to SALL Enterprises, LLC. The Town of Alpine alleges that the permit was improperly issued since the issuance of the permit relies on selective and incomplete water usage data.
Final Hearing11/18/2010 12:00:00 AM 


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
Archived 9/9/2010Town of Alpine's Petition in Protest and Appeal of Issuance of DEQ Permit and Request for HearingFodor  
Archived 9/14/2010Response OrderFlitner  
Archived 9/15/2010Motion to DismissShockey  
Archived 9/16/2010Town of Alpines Response to Motion of DismissFodor  
Archived 9/23/2010Hearing Order on Motion to DismissCoverdale  
Archived 10/13/2010DEQ's Response to the Townof Alpine's PetitionEsch  
Archived 10/13/2010DEQ's Response to the Town of Alpine's PetitionEsch  
Archived 10/13/2010SALL's Response to Town of Alpine's Protest to Permit-Motion for Additional Time to Present EvidenceShockey  
Archived 10/14/2010SALL's Response to Town of Alpine's Motion to Quash and For Protective OrderShockey  
Archived 10/14/2010SALL's Septic Approval.8-08Shockey  
Archived 10/14/2010SALL's Septic Approval Signed PermitShockey  
Archived 1/7/2011Draft Order of Dismissal.ShockeyEsch  
Archived 1/14/2011Order of DismissalFlitner  

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