File Name: McMurry Ready Mix
EQC Docket Number: 10-4801
Date Opened: 7/6/2010
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed: 8/17/2010
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
County: Carbon
DEQ File Number:
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner: Guschewsky
Summary: Smiley Springs no longer flows. No monitoring has taken place at Smiley Springs for two years due to loss of water from blasting. Additional objections to the permit revision as stated in objection letter.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
Archived 7/6/2010Newberry Objection LetterNewberry  
Archived 7/6/2010DEQ Certified Response LetterMcKenzie  
Archived 7/6/2010Public NoticeMcKenzie  
Archived 7/9/2010Newspaper Notice.Casper   
Archived 7/9/2010Newspaper Notice.Rawlins   
Archived 7/9/2010EQC 20 Day Objection Letter.NewberryGuschewsky  
Archived 7/9/2010Notice of Hearing and OrderGuschewsky  
Archived 7/15/2010DEQ's Motion for Continuance of the Pre-hearing ConferenceBurbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010Amended Notice of Hearing and OrderGuschewsky  
Archived 7/16/2010DEQ's Pre-hearing DisclosuresBurbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010DEQ's Waiver of Court Reporter for Pre-hearing ConferenceBurbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map mp-m1Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map mp-m2Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map mp-m3Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map mp-m3 pond no 2Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map mp-m3 sediment control ditchBurbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map mp-m4Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map rp-m1Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map rp-m2Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map rp-m4Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map sediment pond 2Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010map sediment pond 2 reservoirBurbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010Permit ApplicationBurbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010CorrespondenceBurbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010Form 11Burbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010Hydrogeologic AssessmentBurbridge  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit A.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit B.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit C.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit D.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit E.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit F.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit G.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit H.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit I.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit J.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit K.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit L.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit M.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit N.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit O.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit P.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit Q.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit R.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Exhibit S.McMurryHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010Entry of Appearance of Harriet M.Hageman and Hageman & Brighton, P.C.Hageman  
Archived 7/16/2010McMurry Ready Mix Company's Waiver of Court Reporter for Pre-hearing ConferenceHageman  
Archived 7/16/2010McMurry Ready Mix Company Pre-hearing DisclosuresHageman  
Archived 7/20/2010Mike and Cheryl Newberry's Waiver of Court Reporter for Pre-hearing ConferenceNewberry  
Archived 7/21/2010DEQ's Consent E-Mail.7-21-10Burbridge  
Archived 7/21/2010Newberry Consent E-Mail.7-21-10Newberry  
Archived 7/21/2010McMurry Consent E-Mail.7-21-10Hageman  
Archived 7/28/2010Joint Motion and Agreement for Withdrawal of Objection and Waiver of Objection to Newberrys Timely Filing of Renewal of ObjectionBurbridge-Newberry-Hageman  
Archived 8/17/2010Order of DismissalGuschewsky  

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