File Name: Lafarge West Inc., TFN 5 1/96
EQC Docket Number: 09-4805
Date Opened: 8/31/2009
AG Attorney: Burbridge
Prevailing Party: Party Settled
Date of Disposition: 9/15/2009
Date File Closed: 9/15/2009
Archive Date: 5/18/2017
Archive Box:
City: Laramie
County: Albany
DEQ File Number: na
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner: Ogden
Summary: Dr. Robertson has objected to the modifications of the LaFarge permit. He is also concerned with the fact that the project was not started on time, nor was it started by the time of the departments extension, May 9, 2009.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
8/31/2009DEQ's Certified LetterMcKenzieLettersAccepted
8/31/2009LaFarge Public NoticeMcKenziePublic NoticeAccepted
8/31/2009Robertson's Email ObjectionMcKenziePleadingAccepted
8/31/2009EQC's 20 Day LetterRubyLettersAccepted
9/3/2009Notice of Hearing and OrderOgdenOrderAccepted
9/9/2009Newspaper NoticeWaringPublic NoticeAccepted
9/9/2009LaFarge Letter.9-9-09JohnsonLettersAccepted
9/11/2009Robertson Withdrawal.9-11-09RobertsonPleadingAccepted
9/15/2009Dismissal OrderOgdenOrderAccepted

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