File Name: Sand Creek
EQC Docket Number: 09-1102
Date Opened: 5/26/2009
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed: 7/17/2009
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
County: Crook
DEQ File Number:
Division: Council Actions
Case type: Rulemaking
Hearing Examiner: Searle
Summary: Designation of an Area Known as Sand Creek as Very Rare or Uncommon submitted by Biodiversity Conservation Alliance; Endorsed by: WY Chapter of the Sierra Club, WY Wilderness Assoc., Friends of Sand Creek, Prairie Hills Audubon Society and Defenders of the Black Hills


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Archived 5/26/2009Amended Petition to the EQC for Designation of an Area Known as Sand Creek as Very Rare or UncommonBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Map InformationBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Map ScaleBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Provisional Map IndicationBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Quadrangle Locations.MapBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Red Canyon MapBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Road Legend.MapBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Sand Creek Area Comparison.MapBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Sand Creek Area.MapBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009Trinton Quadrangle.WY-SDBiodiversity  
Archived 5/26/2009US.DOI.Geo.Survey.South Redwater Cr.Biodiversity  
Archived 6/1/2009Addendum to Petition to Designate Sand Creek as Very Rare or UncommonMolvar  
Archived 6/17/2009Terrance.Strathmore Resources.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009First Interstate Bank.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009First Western Bank.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Wells Fargo.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Crook Cty Commissioners.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Newmont NA Exploration Unlimited.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Flesch.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Cullum.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Barber.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Pope and Talbot.Lewis.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Hubbard.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Jensen.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Johnson.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Mineral Hill Venture.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009US Forest Service.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009BLM.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Moskee Land Corporation.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Sundance Engineering.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Bentz.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009DROttema.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009DMOttema.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/17/2009Bronco Ck Mining and Exploration.Surface-Mineral Owner LetterRuby  
Archived 6/22/2009Strathmore.Comment LetterOsier  
Archived 6/25/2009Donald Ottema Returned LetterRuby  
Archived 6/29/2009Moskee Land Corporation Returned Letter   
Archived 7/6/2009Motion for ContinuanceGreen-Mineral Hill  
Archived 7/7/2009Motion for Contempt Against Erik Molvar and Request for Stay of ProceedingsGreen-Mineral Hill  
Archived 7/7/2009Answer and Motion to DismissGreen-Mineral Hill  
Archived 7/7/2009Biodiversity Response to Motions for Continuance, Motion for Contempt Against Erik Molvar and Request for Stay of ProceedingsMolvar-Biodiversity  
Archived 7/8/2009Reply to Response of Erik Molvar RE Practicing Law Without a LicenseGreen-Mineral Hill  
Archived 7/8/2009Reply to Response of Erik Molvar RE Failure to Give Proper NoticeGreen-Mineral Hill  
Archived 7/8/2009Hart.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Christensen.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Ferderer.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Maher.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Sleep.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Steele.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Tinton Partners.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Reece.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Rebbe.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Wrebbe.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Medicine Lake.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Moskee Land.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Mikkelson.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Pridgeon.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Knutson.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Hetzer.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Rope-Talbot.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Utecht.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Rongstad.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Greschke-Stoner.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Viessman.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Austin.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/8/2009Wpridgeon.Contiguous Owner LetterBoal  
Archived 7/9/2009Forsberg.Comment LetterForsberg  
Archived 7/9/2009Motion to Reconsider Respondent's Request for Stay of ProceedingsGreen-Mineral Hill  
Archived 7/10/2009Order Denying Motion to Reconsider Respondent's Request for Stay of FroceedingsBoal  
Archived 7/10/2009Motion to Continue for Failure to Give Proper Notice to the United StatesGreen-Mineral Hill  
Archived 7/10/2009Amended Motion to Continue for Failure to Give Proper Notice to the United StatesGreen-Mineral Hill  
Archived 7/10/2009Itinerary for Sand Creek TourPrindle  
Archived 7/13/2009Order Denying Amended Motion to Continue for Failure to Give Proper Notice to the United StatesBoal  
Archived 7/13/2009Motion for Contested Case ProceedingsJohnson  
Archived 7/13/2009Comment Letter.Bronco CreekJohnson  
Archived 7/14/2009Motion to Dismiss for Lack of JurisdictionSabec  
Archived 7/14/2009Motion to Dismiss For Failure to Provide Information Required by or Comply with the Chapter VII RulesSabec  
Archived 7/14/2009Comment Letter.WY Farm Bureau FederationMoline  
Archived 7/14/2009Property-Interest Map.Bronco Creek Expl.Johnson  
Archived 7/14/2009Comment Letter.ThompsonThompson  
Archived 7/17/2009Order Dismissing Amended PetitionSearle  

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