File Name: Medicine Bow Fuel & Power.AQ Permit CT-5873
EQC Docket Number: 09-2801
Date Opened: 5/4/2009
AG Attorney: Vehr
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 2/5/2010
Date File Closed: 2/5/2010
Archive Date: 8/31/2017
Archive Box:
City: Medicine Bow
County: Carbon
DEQ File Number: na
Division: Air Quality
Case type: Orders of DEQ Requiring Approval
Hearing Examiner: Searle
Summary: na


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
5/4/2009Protest and Petition for HearingIssodPleadingAccepted
5/5/2009Response OrderBoalOrderAccepted
Archived 6/4/2009Entry of Appearance.ThroneThrone  
Archived 6/4/2009Entry of Appearance.CoppedeCoppede  
6/4/2009Permittee's Response.ThroneThronePleadingAccepted
6/4/2009DEQ's ResponseVehrPleadingAccepted
Archived 6/11/2009Scheduling Conference OrderSearle  
6/18/2009Amended Scheduling Conference OrderSearleOrderAccepted
Archived 6/18/2009DEQ's Waiver of Court Reporter for Pre-hearing ConferenceVehr  
Archived 6/23/2009Sierra Club Waiver of ReporterIssod  
Archived 6/25/2009Sierra Club Proposed Scheduling OrderIssod  
Archived 6/25/2009Permittee's Proposed ScheduleThrone  
7/2/2009Scheduling OrderSearlePleadingAccepted
8/3/2009Sierra Club's Motion for Partial Judgment.Exh.4(Removed)IsodPleadingRemoved
8/3/2009DEQ's Motion to Dismiss PM2.5 and CO2 ClaimsVehrPleadingAccepted
8/3/2009DEQ's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss PM 2.5 and CO2 ClaimsVehrPleadingAccepted
8/3/2009Proposed Order Dismissing PM2.5 and CO2 ClaimsVehrPleadingAccepted
8/3/2009Sierra Club's Motion for Partial Judgment on the Pleadings and Memorandum in Support of the MotionIssodPleadingAccepted
8/3/2009Sierra Club's Motion for Partial Judgment.Exh.1IssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
8/3/2009Sierra Club's Motion for Partial Judgment.Exh.2IssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
8/3/2009Sierra Club's Motion for Partial Judgment.Exh.3IsodPleading ExhibitAccepted
8/13/2009Stipulated Motion Between the DEQ and the Sierra Club to Stay Discovery as to claims VII (PM2.5) and VIII (CO2)Issod and VehrPleadingAccepted
Archived 8/13/2009Proposed Order Granting Stipulated Motion toStay Disvoery on Claims VII (PM2.5) and VIII(CO2)   
8/13/2009DEQ's Motion for Protective Order as to Claims I and V with ExhibitVehrPleadingAccepted
Archived 8/13/2009Proposed Order Granting DEQ's Motion for Protective Order   
8/17/2009Sierra Club's Response to DEQ's Motion to Dismiss PM 2.5 and CO2 ClaimsIssodPleadingAccepted
8/17/2009Memorandum of Points and Authority in Opposition to Sierra Club's Motion for Partial Judgment on the PleadingsThronePleadingAccepted
8/17/2009Medicine Bow Fuel & Power's Response to and Joinder in DEQ's Motion toDismiss PM 2.5 and CO 2 ClaimsThronePleadingAccepted
8/17/2009DEQ's Response Opposing Sierra Club's Motion for Partial Judgment on the PleadingsVehrPleadingAccepted
8/17/2009Exhibit 1.Sierra Club's Response to DEQ's Motion to DismissIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
8/17/2009Exhibit 2.Sierra Club's Response to DEQ's Motion to DismissIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
8/17/2009Exhibit 3.Sierra Club's Response to DEQ's Motion to DismissIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
8/19/2009Order Granting Stipulated Motion to Stay Discovery On Claims VII (PM2.5) and VIII(CO2)SearleOrderAccepted
8/20/2009Sierra Club's Response to DEQ's Motion for a Protective Order on Claims I and VIssodPleadingAccepted
8/24/2009Order Denying DEQ's Motion For Protective Order on Claims I and VSearleOrderAccepted
8/24/2009Hearing OrderSearleOrderAccepted
Archived 9/1/2009Initial Expert Report of Ranajit Sahu.Sierra ClubIssod  
Archived 9/15/2009Permittee's Designation of Expert Witness - Katrina Winborn, P.E.Throne  
Archived 9/15/2009Exhibit 1 w/Attach. A.Permittee's Designation of Expert Witness - Katrina Winborn, P.E.Throne  
Archived 9/17/2009Notice of Change of Address.ThroneThrone  
Archived 9/18/2009Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice.Galpern-BahrAnderson  
Archived 9/18/2009Notice of Appearance.AndersonAnderson  
Archived 9/18/2009Certificate of Compliance.GalpinAnderson  
Archived 9/18/2009Certificate of Compliance.BahrAnderson  
9/22/2009Order Denying Petitioner's Motion for Partial Judgment on the Pleadings as to Claim I and VSearleOrderAccepted
Archived 10/1/2009Rebuttal Report of Ranajit SahuSierra Club  
Archived 10/14/2009Order Granting Motion for Admission of Daniel Galpern Pro Hac ViceSearle  
Archived 10/14/2009Order Granting Motion for Admission of David Bahr Pro Hac ViceSearle  
Archived 10/26/2009Notice of Deposition of Andrew KeyfauverIssod  
11/2/2009Order Denying Respondents' Motion for Dismissal of Claim VII and Granting Dismissal of Claim VIIISearleOrderAccepted
11/10/2009Protestants' Notice of Dismissal of Claims IV and VIBahr-AndersonPleadingAccepted
11/16/2009DEQ's Motion for Summary JudgmentVehrPleadingAccepted
11/16/2009DEQ's Memorandum in Support of Motion for Summary JudgmentVehrPleadingAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 1 Depos. Of Andrew KeyfauverIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 2 Jason Lilegraven NotarizedIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 3 Martha Martinex del RioIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 4 Memorandum from JohnIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 5 Trimble Order 8-12-09IssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 6 Memorandum from StephIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 7 Letter from stephen JohnIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 8 Letter from Lisa JacksonIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 9 Wyo Interstate TransportIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 11 In re BP Products 10-16-09IssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 12 Memorandum from JohnIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 13 Memorandum from StevenIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 14 Memorandum from JohnIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 15 Memorandum from StevenIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 16 Katrina Winborn DepositionIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 17 EPA Enforcement AlertIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 18 EPA July 28, 1987 LetterIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 19 Pref Alt Methods for EstIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 20 Marama Model Rule forIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Sierra Club's Motion of Summary JudgmentIssodPleadingAccepted
11/16/2009Issod DeclarationIssodPleadingAccepted
11/16/2009Affidavit of James (Josh) Nall In Support of DEQ's Motion for Summary JudgmentVehrPleading AffidavitAccepted
11/16/2009Affidavit of Chad Schlichtemeier In Support of DEQ's Motion for Summary JudgmentVehrPleading AffidavitAccepted
11/16/2009Annex to the DEQ's Motion for Summary JudgmentVehrPleadingAccepted
11/16/2009Motion for Summary Judgment of Medicine bow Fuel & Power, LLC'sThronePleadingAccepted
11/16/2009Medicine Bow Fuel & Power, LLC's Rule 56.1 Statement In Support of It's Motion for Summary JudgmentThronePleadingAccepted
11/16/2009Memorandum of Points and Authority in Support of Medicine Bow Fuel & Power's Motion for Summary JudgmentThronePleadingAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit B.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit D.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit E.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit F.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit G.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit G1.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit G2.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit H.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit I.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit J.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit K.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exhibit L.Medicine BowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 1.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 2.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 3.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 4.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 5.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 6.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 7.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 8.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 9.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 10.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 11.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 12.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 13.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 14.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 15.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 16.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 17.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 18.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 19.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 20.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 21.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 22.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 23.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 24.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 25.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 26.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 27.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 28. DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 29.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 30.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 31.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 32.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 33.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 34.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 35.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 36.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 37.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 38.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 39.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 40.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 41.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 42.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 43.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 44.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 45.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 46.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 47.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 48.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 49.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh.50.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 51.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 52.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 53.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 54.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/16/2009Exh. 55.DEQ.MOSJVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
Archived 11/16/2009Exhibit 56.DEQ's MSJ   
11/17/2009Issod Rule 11 CertificateAndersonPleadingAccepted
Archived 11/17/2009Motion for Pro Hac Vice Andrea IssodAnderson  
Archived 11/19/2009Order Granting Motion for Admission of Andrea Issod Pro Hac ViceSearle  
11/20/2009Notice of Hearing and OrderSearleOrderAccepted
11/23/2009Sierra Club's Statements of Fact in Support of Summary JudgmentAndersonPleadingAccepted
11/23/2009Sierra Club's Unopposed Motion to File It's Statements of Fact in Support of Summary Judgment Out of TimeAndersonPleadingAccepted
Archived 11/23/2009Proposed Order Allowing Sierra Club's Unopposed Motion to File It's Statements of Facts in Support of Summary Judgment Out of TimeAnderson  
11/23/2009Order Allowing Sierra Club's Unopposed Motion to File It's Statements of Facts in Support of Summary Judgment Out of TimeSearleOrderAccepted
11/30/2009Medicine Bow's Response in Opposition to Sierra Club's Motion to StrikeThronePleadingAccepted
Archived 11/30/2009Sierra Club's Unopoosed Motion to File It's Statements of Fact in Support of Summary Judgment Out of TimeIssod  
Archived 11/30/2009Sierra Club's Statements of Fact in Support of Summary JudgmentAnderson  
11/30/2009DEQ's Response Opposing Sierra Club's Motion for Summary JudgmentVehrPleadingAccepted
11/30/2009Medicine Bow Fuel & Power's Response in Opposition to Sierra Club's Motion for Summary JudgmentThronePleadingAccepted
11/30/2009Exhibit M.MBFP Notice of Deposition of Andrew KeyfauverThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/30/2009Exhibit N.MBFP Deposition of Ranajit SahuThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/30/2009Declaration of Andrew Issod.11-30-09IssodPleadingAccepted
11/30/2009Exhibit A.SC Affidavit of Ranajit Sahu in Support of Sierra Club's Motion for Summary JudgmentIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/30/2009Exhibit B.SC Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission FactorsIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
11/30/2009Sierra Club's Response to Medicine Bow's and DEQ's Motions for Summary JudgmentIssodPleadingAccepted
11/30/2009Sierra Club's Memorandum in Support of Motion to StrikeIssodPleadingAccepted
11/30/2009Sierra Club's Consolidated Response to DEQ's and Medicine Bow's Statements of Fact in Support of Motions for Summary JudgmentIssodPleadingAccepted
11/30/2009Sierra Club's Motion to StrikeIssodPleadingAccepted
11/30/2009Exhibit C.Response to SC's First Discovery Requests to MBThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
11/30/2009Affidavit of Chad Schlichtemeier In Support of DEQ's Motion for Summary JudgmentVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/1/2009Parties Stipulated Motion To Extend Deadline to File Pre-hearing Memo, Witness and Exhibit Lists and ExhibitsBahr-Anderson-IssodPleadingAccepted
12/1/2009Order Allowing The Parties Stipulated Motion to Extend Deadline to File Pre-hearing Memo, Witness and Exhibit Lists and ExhibitsSearleOrderAccepted
12/2/2009Medicine Bow Fuel & Power's Response in Opposition to Sierra Club's Motion to StrikeThronePleadingAccepted
12/2/2009MB Exhibit A.Opposition to Sierra Club's Motion to StrikeThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ6 1 - Bates DEQ0000745VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ10 1 - Bates DEQ000592VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ14 1 - Bates DEQ001775VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ29 1 - Bates DEQ000727VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ34 1 - 73 Fed Reg 26019VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ35 Winborn Dep Exh 1VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ46 Bucknum - Bates 4889VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ47 Amcolloid - Bates 4927VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ48 Davejohnston - BatesVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ58 Carbon Basin Mines AP2989VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009DEQ 58 1 Carbon Basin Mines Permit CT-4136VehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Exh.1 - Exhibit List - Prehearing MBFPThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20099-Ex 1 - MDA PRB. 12-22-93ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200965-Ex MMM Power Point on Air PermitThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200964-Ex LLL - DEQ MSJ Proposed OrderThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200963-Ex KKK - DEQ MSJ Annex 11-16-09ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20098-Ex H Plant Process Block FlowThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20097-Ex G Intial & Final InvoicesThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200962-Ex JJJ - DEQ MSJ Memo in SupportThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200961-Ex III - DEQ MSJThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200960-Ex HHH - DEQ Glossary Of TermsThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200959-Ex GGG - DEQ Exhibit ListThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200958-Ex FFF DEQ MSJ Schlichtemeier AffidavitThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20096-EX F - IA AQ Construction PermitThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200957-Ex EEE - DEQ MSJ Nall AffidavitThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200956-Ex DDD - GE Particulate MatterThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200955-Ex CCC - DEQ Ltr. To MBFPThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200954-Ex BBB - Permit CT-5873ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200953-EX AAA - Decision DocumentThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200952-EX ZZ - DKRW Ltr. To AQ-PMIOThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200951-EX YY - DKRW Ltr. To AQ - 12-30-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200950-EX XX - AQD Ltr. To MBFP - 12-29-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200949-Ex WW - DKRW Ltr to AQD-11-11-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20095-EX E - IA AQ Construction PermitThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200948-EX W -DKRW Ltr to AQD - 11-5-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200947-EX UU - DKRW Ltr to AQ 10-14-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200946-EX TT - AQD Ltr to MBFP - HAP Health RiskThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200945-EX SS - DKRW Resp to CommentsThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200944-EX RR - AQD Ltr. To MBFP Ozone & Start-UpThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200943-EX QQ - AQD Ltr. To MBFP Public CommentsThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200942-EX PP - EPAComments 8-4-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200941-EX OO - SC Comments 8-1-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200940-EX NN - DKRW Comments 7-31-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200939-EX MM - Permit App. 7-31-08-DEQ000781-382ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20094-EX D - IA AQ Construction Permit - Flare.1ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200938-EX LL - URS Ltr. To DEQ w-rev. 7-31-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200937-EX KK - URS Ltr. To DEQ w-rev.7-21-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200936-EX JJ - Legal Notice AffidavitThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200935-EX II - AQD Public Notice Ltr to MBFPThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200934-EX HH - App. Analysis 6-19-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Prehearing Memorandum.MBThronePleadingAccepted
12/3/2009Prehearing Memorandum.SCIssodPleadingAccepted
12/3/2009Prehearing Memorandum.DEQVehrPleadingAccepted
12/3/2009Exhibit A.DEQ Pre-hearing MemorandumVehrPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200933-EX GG - URS Ltr. To AQ w.rev.6-4-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200932-EX FF - URS Ltr. Coal Emissions and SSEMThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200931-EX EE - DKRW Ltr. To AQD 4-4-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200930-EX DD - DEQ Ltr. To URS 3-18-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20093-EX C - EPA NSR Manual Chpts. B and CThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200929-EX CC - AQD Completeness Determ. 3-10-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200928-Ex BB - URS Ltr. To AQD 3-3-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200927-EX AA - URS Ltr. W. Appt. Rev. 2-13-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200926-EX Z - DEQ Comment Ltr. EPA -HQ-OAR-20060605ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200925-EX Y - AQD Ltr. To URS 1-10-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200924-EX X - AERMOD Implementation GuideThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200923-EX W - Permit Receipt Ltr. 1-7-08ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200922-EX V -Permit Application 12-31-07ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200921-EX U-WYO 2007 PM2.5 Recommend.12-11-07ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200920-EX T-Modeling Protocol 2-8-07ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200919-EX S -WY Interstate Trans. SIPThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20092-EX B -AP.42 at 11.9.pdfThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200918-EX R - PRB Coal Mine Perm. GuideThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200917-EX Q-PRB Coal Mine Perm. GuideThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200916-EX P-Page Memo-4-5-05ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200915-EX O-DEQ AQD Annual Insp. For FY2005ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200914-EX N - DEQ AQD Annual Insp. FY2004ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200913-EX M - Seitz Memo-10-23-1997ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200912-EX L - EPA Ltr. To Senator Simpson.6-26-96ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200911-EX K - EPA Protocal For Equip. Leak Emission Est.ThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/200910-EX J - EPA WYO MOU on PM10 NAPQSThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/20091-EX A - 6WAQSR 2 and 4.pdfThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009SC Revised Exhibit List 12-3-09.PrehearingIssodPleadingAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 2 - Jason Lillegraven Notarized Declaration SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 3 - Martha Martinez del Rio Notarized Declaration.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 4 - Memorandum from John S. Seitz SC.PehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 5 - Trimble Order 8-12-09.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 6 - Memorandum from Stephen D. Page 4-5-05. SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 7 - Letter from Stephen Johnson to Paul Cort 1-14-09.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 8 - Letter from Lisa Johnson toPaul Cort 4-24-09.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 9 - Wyo Interstate Transport Declaration 12/11/06. SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex11 - In re BP Products 10-16-09sm. SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 12 - Memorandum from John S. Seitz 6-13-89.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 13 - Memorandum from Steven Riva. 2-14-06 SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 14 - Memorandum from John B. Rasnic 1-28-93 SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 15 - Memorandum from Steven A. Herman 9-20-99.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 17 - EPA Enforcement Alert 10-1999 SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 18 - EPA July 1987 Letter Concerning Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Determinations.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 19 - Pref Alt Methods for Est. Fugitive Emissions from Equipment Leaks SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 20 - MARAMA Model Rule for Enhanced LDAR.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 18 - Excerpt Protocol for Equipment Leak Emission Estimates.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 19 - EPA AP 42 Jan 1995.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 20 - Medicine Bow Response to SC's Request for Admission (8-19-09) SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009EX 21 - Southcoast Air Quality Mgmt. Dist. BACT (BACT Rule) SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009EX 22 - TX Commission on Env. Quality Publication RG-360 1-2006.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 23 - RTPEnvironmental Assoc. Letter 2-28-07.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 24 - EPA Letter Announcing SMT w-Chevron 8-23-2000 SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 25 - Southcoast Air Quality Mgmt. Dist. Rule 1173 SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 26 - Bay Area Air Quality Mgmt. Dist. Reg. 8 Rule 18.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 27 - Decision In the Matter of a Permit Application AP-5873 from Med Bow SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 29 - Order R$esponding to Request that Admin Object to ISS of TV Permit 5-28-09.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 30 - EPA Health & Environmental Impacts of S02.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 34 - Conditional Test Method (CTM) 039.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 35 - DKRW - DEQ Bates 1520-31.SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 37 - SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 38 - SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/3/2009Ex 40 - SC.PrehearingIssodPleading ExhibitAccepted
12/4/2009MBFP's Repsonse to Sierra's Statements of Fact in Support of It's motion for Summary JudgmentThronePleadingAccepted
12/4/2009DEQ's Response to Sierra Club's Statement of FactsVehrPleadingAccepted
12/7/2009DEQ's Motion in LimineVehrPleadingAccepted
12/7/2009Attachment A - DEQ's Motion in LimineVehrPleadingAccepted
12/7/2009Cited Case - DEQ's Motion in LimineVehrPleadingAccepted
12/7/2009Sierra Club's Response to Motion in LimineBahr-AndersonPleadingAccepted
12/7/2009Exhibit 1 - MBFP Motions in LimineThronePleading ExhibitAccepted
12/7/2009Medicine Bow Fule & Power's Motion in Limine-Ranajit SahuThronePleadingAccepted
12/9/2009Pre-hearing Conference OrderSearleOrderAccepted
Archived 12/15/2009Respondents' Proposed Order Granting Medicine Bow Fuel & Power, LLC's and Department of Environmental Quality's Motions for Summary Judgment on ProtesCoppede  
12/15/2009Order Denying Petitioner's Motion to StrikeSearleOrderAccepted
12/15/2009Order Granting Extension to File Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Proposed OrderSearleOrderAccepted
Archived 12/23/2009Sierra Club's Response to Respondents' Proposed Summary Judgment OrderAnderson  
12/30/200912-4-09.Pre-hearing Transcript TranscriptAccepted
1/27/2010Order.Final Order TeleconferenceSearleOrderAccepted
2/5/2010Order Granting Medicine Bow Fuel & Power, LLC's and Department of Environmental Quality's Motions for Summary Judgment on Protestant's Remaining ClaimSearleOrderAccepted
8/31/2017Sierra Club's Motion for Partial Judgment.Exh.4Jim RubyPleading ExhibitAccepted

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