File Name: Touchstone Materials, LLC
EQC Docket Number: 08-2801
Date Opened: 8/4/2008
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed: 3/26/2009
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
County: Johnson
DEQ File Number:
Division: Air Quality
Case type: Citizen objection to a mine permit or decision of the Director
Hearing Examiner: Searle
Summary: Objection of DEQ Permit No. CT-7066 issued to Touchstone Materials, LLC. The permit is being protested on the following grounds: The application is incomplete, the proposed mining operation would irreparably harm, destroy, or materially impair an uncommon area having paritcular historical, archaeological, wildlife, surface geological, botanical or scenic value, The proposed mining area will cause pollution of waters in violation of the laws of the State of Wyoming, The proposed operation constitutes a public nuisance and endangers the public health and safety, The affected lands lie within 300 feet of an existing occupied dwelling or home, all in violation of Wyoming Statute 35-11-406.
Final Hearing2/10/2009 12:00:00 AM 


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
8/4/2008Notice of Appeal-Petition for ReviewGoddardPleadingAccepted
8/8/2008Response OrderBoalOrderAccepted
9/8/2008Motion to DismissBurbridgePleadingAccepted
9/18/2008Protestants' Response to Motion to DismissGoddardPleadingAccepted
10/14/2008Order Setting Motion HearingSearleOrderAccepted
10/20/2008Motion for Continue HearingGoddradPleadingAccepted
10/21/2008Order Vacating Motion HearingSearleOrderAccepted
12/12/2008Order Setting Motion HearingBoalOrderAccepted
1/27/2009Motion to InterveneTonerPleadingAccepted
2/12/2009Order for Motion to InterveneSearleOrderAccepted
3/16/2009Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law PleadingAccepted
4/6/2009Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law & OrderBoalOrderAccepted

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