File Name: George's Excavation, 487ET
EQC Docket Number: 08-4504
Date Opened: 7/16/2008
AG Attorney:
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed: 1/16/2009
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
County: Carbon
DEQ File Number: 4286-08
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Orders of the Director's for Council's approval
Hearing Examiner:
Summary: Georges' Excavation did not fulfill the reclamation requirements for this mine. Although, the mine pit has been re-contoured, repeated attempts to seed have failed. The operator, Mr. George Allen, passed away sometime during the winter of 2006-2007. Mr. Allen's wife, Mrs. Winifred Allen, does not have the physical or financial ability to complete the reclamation. Mrs. Allen has signed a voluntary forfeiture dated April 17, 2007 to release the bond to allow the State to complete the reclamation.


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Archived 7/16/2008History and Documentation for the Forfeiture RecommendationCorra  
Archived 7/16/2008NOVCorra  
Archived 7/16/2008Background Information and Chronology for Bond Forfeiture ActionCorra  
Archived 7/16/2008Signature PageCorra  
Archived 9/30/2008Bond Forfeiture MemorandumBoal  
Archived 11/21/2008Motion for Bond Forfeiture OrderBurbridge  
Archived 11/21/2008Proposed Order for Bond ForfeituresBurbridge  
Archived 1/16/2009Bond Forfeiture OrderBoal  

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