File Name: John Oja
EQC Docket Number: 07-5204
Date Opened: 1/7/2008
AG Attorney: Luke Esch
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 3/4/2008
Date File Closed: 2/29/2008
Archive Date: 1/4/2016
Archive Box:
City: Rock Springs
County: Sweetwater
DEQ File Number: 4194-07
Division: Solid and Hazardous Waste
Case type: NOV & Order if Docket Ends with A it's been appeal
Hearing Examiner: NA
Summary: Notice of Violation and Order issued for temporarily out of use underground storage tanks. Since the tank was placed in temporarily out of use condition in 1998, there has never been a test of the sacrificial anode system. Mr. Oja has failed to have the system tested every three years.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
1/7/2008Notice of Violation and OrderCorraPleadingAccepted
1/7/2008Certified DEQ LetterCorraPleadingAccepted
3/4/2008Order Approving OrderMooreOrderAccepted
Archived 3/4/2008Order LetterLorenzon  

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