File Name: Mountain Cement Company - Permit No. 298C
EQC Docket Number: 07-4804
Date Opened: 10/9/2007
AG Attorney: Burbridge
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 12/7/2007
Date File Closed: 12/7/2007
Archive Date: 1/15/2016
Archive Box:
City: Laramie
County: Albany
DEQ File Number: 298C, TFN4 2/220
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Citizen objection to a mine permit or decision of the Director
Hearing Examiner: Moore
Summary: The permit for 298C-A7 has many inconsistences and inaccurate statements. They would like to see these inconsistences corrected and the inaccurate portions altered prior to giving Mountain Cement approval to mine in area "C".


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
Archived 10/9/2007Certified DEQ LetterChancellor  
Archived 10/9/2007Public NoticeEdwards  
10/9/2007Waitkus Objection WaitkusPleadingAccepted
Archived 10/10/200720 Day Letter.10-10-07Lorenzon  
Archived 10/12/2007Notice of Hearing and OrderMoore  
Archived 10/17/2007Order.Hearing LocationMoore  
Archived 10/18/2007DEQ Pre-hearing DisclosuresBurbridget  
Archived 10/18/2007Waitkus Pre-hearing StatementWaitkus  
Archived 10/18/2007Mountain Cement Co.'s Pre-hearing Disclosure StatementNicholas  
10/23/2007Mountain Cement Co.'s ResponseEdwardsPleadingAccepted
Archived 10/23/2007Order.Change in Hearing LocationMoore  
Archived 10/25/2007Motion in Limine & Request for HearingNicholas  
Archived 10/29/2007Mountain Cement Co.'s Amended Pre-Hearing Disclosure StatementNicholas  
12/7/2007Final EQC OrderMooreOrderAccepted

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