File Name: Arrowhead Concrete, Inc.
EQC Docket Number: 07-4803
Date Opened: 6/11/2007
AG Attorney: Burbridge
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 7/10/2007
Date File Closed: 7/10/2007
Archive Date: 1/28/2016
Archive Box:
City: Rock Springs
County: Sweetwater
DEQ File Number: TFN 4 2/343
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Citizen objection to a mine permit or decision of the Director
Hearing Examiner: Boal
Summary: Property Owners are concerned and opposed to the application submitted by Arrowhead Concrete, Inc. of Green River for a small mine permit. Arrowhead's trucks are generating dust and road damage and no one is taking responsibility.


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Archived 6/11/2007Public NoticeChancellor  
Archived 6/11/2007Objection Letter.Land Quality DivisionMultiple Parties  
6/11/2007Objection Letter.Sweetwater County CommissionersMultiple PartiesPleadingAccepted
Archived 6/11/2007Objection Letter.Multiple Parties   
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.TrujilloChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.AshChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.TooneChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.FullerChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.SeillerChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.BussartChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.PagnianoChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.CroyChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.PleasantChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.VanderpoolChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.PleasantChancellor  
Archived 6/12/2007DEQ Certified Letter.HodgesChancellor  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.TooneLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.FullerLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.SeillerLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.BussartLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.PagnianoLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.CroyLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.PleasantLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.VanderpoolLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.MpleasantLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/200720 Day Objection Letter.HodgesLorenzon  
Archived 6/19/2007Withdrawal Letter.Trujillo-AshTrujillo-Ash  
Archived 6/20/2007Withdrawal Letter.BussartBussart  
Archived 6/26/2007Notice of Hearing and OrderBoal  
Archived 6/29/2007Pre-hearing All Party Memo.6-29-07Lorenzon  
Archived 6/29/2007DEQ's Pre-hearing DisclosureBurbridge  
Archived 7/2/2007Witness List.ArrowheadBernard -Arrowhead  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.BussartChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.CroyChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.PagnianoChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.VanderpoolChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.MpleasantChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.SeillerChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.FullerChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.TooneChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.GpleasantChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.HillChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.CoverChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.BernardChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.TalinferroChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.HodgesChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.ClarkChancellor  
Archived 7/3/2007DEQ Meeting Review Letter.NelsonChancellor  
7/10/2007Order of DismissalBoalOrderAccepted

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