File Name: Petition for Review of Pumpkin Creek Permit
EQC Docket Number: 06-3816
Date Opened: 11/9/2006
AG Attorney: Colgan
Prevailing Party: Petitioner
Date of Disposition: 8/12/2008
Date File Closed: 8/12/2008
Archive Date: 2/24/2016
Archive Box:
City: Sundance
County: Crook
DEQ File Number: WYG2800000 and 2900000
Division: Water Quality
Case type: Citizen objection to a mine permit or decision of the Director
Hearing Examiner: Boal
Summary: Petitioner, WOC, request that the EQC determine the above-referenced general permit is null and void and does not have the force and effect of law, determine that the general permit cannot be utilized by permittees on the ground that it was not properly promulgated, violate the provisions of the WAPA, the WEQA and rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.
Final Hearing4/28/2008 12:00:00 AM 


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
11/9/2006Petition for Review of the Pumpkin Creek General PermitJonesPleadingAccepted
2/1/2007DEQ's Motion to Consolidate CasesBarrashPleadingAccepted
Archived 4/17/2007Response OrderBoal  
5/11/2007DEQ Response to Petition for Review of the Pumpkin Creek Watershed General PermitBarrashPleadingAccepted
Archived 6/5/2007Scheduling Conference OrderBoal  
Archived 6/13/2007Amended Scheduling Conference OrderBoal  
Archived 7/3/2007Response in Opposition to Wyoming Outdoor Council Appeals of Pumpkin Creek General Permit, Permit Number WYG280000, and Willow Creek General Permit, PJoy  
Archived 7/3/2007Petition for Leave to Intervene in Wyoming Outdoor Council Appeals of Pumpkin Creek General Permit, Permit Number WYG280000, and Willow Creek General Joy  
7/13/2007Motion for Summary JudgementJonesPleadingAccepted
7/13/2007Petitioner's Brief on Willow Creek and Pumpkin Creek General Watershed PermitsJonesPleadingAccepted
Archived 7/13/2007WOC.Exhibit 3Jones  
Archived 7/13/2007WOC.Exhibit 4Jones  
Archived 7/23/2007Order for Motion to InterveneBoal  
Archived 7/24/2007Petitioner's Motion to Reconsider Order for Leave to InterveneJones  
Archived 7/24/2007Response of Wyoming Outdoor Council to Petition for Leave to InterveneJones  
Archived 7/26/2007Order Setting Motion HearingBoal  
Archived 7/31/2007Response in Opposition to Wyoming Outdoor Council Motion to Reconsider Order For Leave to InterveneJoy  
Archived 8/2/2007Intervenor's Response to Wyoming Outdoor Council's Motion for Summary JudgementJoy  
8/2/2007Respondent DEQ's Brief in Response to Petitioner's Motion for Summary JudgementBarrashPleadingAccepted
Archived 8/2/2007Exhibits A-F for Respondent DEQ's Brief in Response to Petitioner's Motion for SummaryJudgementBarrash  
Archived 8/14/2007Order on Petitioner's Motion to Reconsider InterventionBoal  
Archived 8/14/2007Party Memo.Boal.8-14-07Boal  
8/16/2007Joint Motion and Stipulation for Consolidation of CasesBarrashPleadingAccepted
Archived 8/16/2007Proposed Order on Consolidation of CasesBarrash  
Archived 8/22/2007WOC Expert WitnessesJones  
Archived 8/22/2007Petitioner's Reply Biref to Respondent and Intervenors on Petitioner's Motion for Summary JudgmentJones  
Archived 9/4/2007Respondent DEQ's Supplemental Memorandum Concerning Issues of Fact for WOC's Motion for Summary JudgmentBarrash  
Archived 9/25/2007Joint Stipulation Regarding DepositionsBarrash  
10/4/2007Order on Consolidation of Cases and Continuance of HearingBoalOrderAccepted
Archived 10/31/2007Joint Stipulation to Reschedule Pre-hearing ConferenceBarrash,Joy,Jones  
Archived 11/13/2007Order to Reschedule Pre-hearing ConferenceBoal  
Archived 11/15/2007Joint Stipulation to Extend Dispositive Motion DeadlineBarrash  
Archived 11/16/2007Order to Extend Dispositive Motion DeadlineBoal  
11/30/2007Order Denying Summary JudgmentBoalOrderAccepted
Archived 12/6/2007Amended Order to Reschedule Prehearing ConferenceBoal  
12/14/2007Respondent DEQ's Motion and Memorandum for Partial Summary JudgmentBarrashPleadingAccepted
12/28/2007Petitioners' Brief in Response to Wyoming DEQ's Motion for Partial Summary JudgmentJoyPleadingAccepted
Archived 1/3/2008Order Changing the Time for the Pre-hearing ConferenceBoal  
Archived 1/4/2008DEQ's Prehearing MemorandumBarrash  
Archived 1/4/2008DEQ's Memorandum on Foundation and Admissibility of ExhibitBarrash  
Archived 1/4/2008YMC Prehearing MemorandumJoy  
Archived 1/4/2008WOC Pre-hearing MemorandumJones  
Archived 1/14/2008DEQ's Withdrawl of Motion for Partial Summary Judgment & Request to Retain Memorandum on Issues Reserved for HearingBarrash  
Archived 1/15/2008Pre-hearing Conference OrderMoore  
Archived 1/17/2008Petitioners' Request for Clarification Regarding Pre-hearing Conference OrderJoy  
Archived 1/17/2008DEQ's Corrections to Pre-hearing ConferenceBarrash  
Archived 1/17/2008Summary of Draft and Final Permit Conditions.YMCJoy  
Archived 1/22/2008WOC's Suggested Corrections to Pre-hearing Conference OrderJones  
Archived 1/24/2008WOC's Motion for ContinuanceJones  
Archived 2/1/2008Order Granting ContinuanceBoal  
Archived 4/22/2008Pre-hearing Order.4-21-08Boal  
Archived 5/27/2008Transcript of Hearing.Vol. 2 of 4WRS  
Archived 5/28/2008Transcript of Hearing Vol.1 of 4WRS  
Archived 5/28/2008Transcript of Hearing Vol. 3 of 4WRS  
Archived 5/28/2008Transcript of Hearing Vol. 4 of 4WRS  
Archived 6/16/2008YMC Proposed Findings of FactJoy  
Archived 6/16/2008DEQ Proposed Findings of FactBarrash  
Archived 6/16/2008WOC Proposed Findings of FactJones  
8/12/2008Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and OrderBoalOrderAccepted

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