File Name: Mountain Cement Company
EQC Docket Number: 06-4804
Date Opened: 9/8/2006
AG Attorney: Burbridge
Prevailing Party: Party Settled
Date of Disposition: 11/14/2006
Date File Closed: 11/14/2006
Archive Date: 1/15/2016
Archive Box:
City: Laramie
County: Albany
DEQ File Number: 298C, TFN 4 4/496
Division: Land Quality
Case type: Citizen objection to a mine permit or decision of the Director
Hearing Examiner: Morris
Summary: Citizen objection to the proposal of Mountain Cement Co. to revise their mining sequences of the 298c mining permit.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
Archived 9/8/2006DEQ's Certified LetterChancellor  
Archived 9/15/2006Public NoticeChancellor  
Archived 9/27/2006Request for Extension of TimeEdwards  
Archived 9/28/200620 Day Objection Letter   
Archived 9/28/2006DEQ's Consent to ContinuanceBurbridge  
Archived 9/29/2006Prehearing Order   
Archived 10/1/2006Waitkus Consent to ContinuanceWaitkus  
Archived 10/4/2006Waitkus Prehearing MemorandumWaitkus  
Archived 10/4/2006DEQ Prehearing DisclosuresBurbridge  
Archived 10/4/2006Mountain Cement Company's Pre-hearing Disclosure StatementNicholas  
Archived 10/5/2006Notice of Hearing and Order   
10/5/2006Waitkus Letter.10-05-06WaitkusPleadingAccepted
Archived 10/11/2006DEQ's Pre-hearing Conference Order DisclosuresBurbridge  
Archived 10/13/2006MCC Exhibits and ObjectionNicholas  
10/23/2006Motion to DismissNicholasPleadingAccepted
10/25/2006Waitkus Withdrawal of Objection LetterWaitkusPleadingAccepted
Archived 11/6/2006Memo of Notification to Parties.11-6-06   
11/9/2006Waitkus Withdrawal of Objection.11-9-06GirardinPleadingAccepted
11/9/2006DEQ's Consent to Dismissal and Incorporation of the Terms and Conditions of the Stipulated Resolutuion toObjections in Mountain Cement's Revised PermiBurbridgePleadingAccepted
11/16/2006Order of Dismissal OrderAccepted

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