File Name: Two Elk Generating Station
EQC Docket Number: 02-2601
Date Opened: 10/23/2002
AG Attorney: Vehr
Prevailing Party: Party Settled
Date of Disposition: 7/18/2005
Date File Closed: 7/18/2005
Archive Date: 12/18/2014
Archive Box:
City: Gillette
County: Campbell
DEQ File Number: CT-1352A
Division: Air Quality
Case type: Company objection to the decision of the Director regarding its own permit
Hearing Examiner: Hutchinson
Summary: Appeal by Two Elk of the DEQ Order terminating Permit #CT01352 to construct.
Final Hearing5/29/2003 12:00:00 AM 


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
Archived 5/23/2003Parties' Joint StipulationTwo Elk & WAQDPleadingAccepted
Archived 10/5/2005Status Report Sept. 05, Oct. 05 and Nov. 05Yueh  
Archived 1/4/2006Status Report Dec. 05 and Jan. 06Yueh  
Archived 4/5/2006Status Report Feb. 06, March 06 and April 06Yueh  
Archived 7/7/2006Status Report May.06Yueh  
Archived 7/7/2006Status Report June.06Yueh  
Archived 7/7/2006Status Report July.06Yueh  
Archived 1/5/2007Status Report Nov.06Yueh  
Archived 1/5/2007Status Report Dec.06Yueh  
Archived 1/5/2007Status Report Jan.07Yueh  
Archived 4/4/2007Status Report Feb.07Yueh  
Archived 4/4/2007Status Report Mar.07Yueh  
Archived 4/4/2007Status Report Apr.07Yueh  
Archived 11/27/2007Status Report May.07Yueh  
Archived 11/27/2007Status Report June.07Yueh  
Archived 11/27/2007Status Report Aug 07Yueh  
Archived 11/27/2007Status Report.Sept.07Yueh  
Archived 11/27/2007Status Report Nov.07Yueh  
12/18/2014Order Approving Joint Stipulation for DismissalJim RubyOrderAccepted
12/18/2014Motion to DismissJim RubyPleadingAccepted
12/18/2014Order of DismissalJim RubyOrderAccepted

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