File Name: Appeal of PRBRC of the Reclass. And Downgrade
EQC Docket Number: 06-3804
Date Opened: 4/5/2006
AG Attorney: Barrash
Prevailing Party:
Date of Disposition:
Date File Closed: 8/12/2008
Archive Date:
Archive Box:
County: Johnson
DEQ File Number:
Division: Water Quality
Case type: Citizen objection to a mine permit or decision of the Director
Hearing Examiner: Moore
Summary: A hearing is requested due to an appeal of the issuance of a reclassification which downgrades three drainages to Crazy Woman Creek (Kennedy South Area Addition) and their tributaries by the Supervisor of the Watershed Program for the DEQ-WQD
Final Hearing9/26/2007 12:00:00 AM 


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Archived 4/5/2006PetitionMorrison  
Archived 4/7/2006Petition of W.O.C.Jones  
Archived 4/18/2006Response Order   
Archived 5/31/2006DEQ Response.PRBRCBurbridge  
Archived 6/16/2006Response Order.WOC   
Archived 7/7/2006DEQ Response to WOCBurbridge  
Archived 3/16/2007Scheduling Order   
Archived 7/20/2007Petitioners' Brief in Support of Their Motion for Summary JudgementJones  
Archived 7/20/2007Entry of Appearance.JonesJones  
Archived 7/20/2007Petitioners' Motion for Summary JudgementJones  
Archived 7/20/2007Exhibit 1.JonesJones  
Archived 7/20/2007Exhibit 2.JonesJones  
Archived 7/20/2007Exhibit 3.JonesJones  
Archived 7/20/2007Exhibit 4.JonesJones  
Archived 8/6/2007DEQ WQD's Opposition to Petitioner's Motion for Summary JudgmentBurbridge  
Archived 8/6/2007DEQ WQD's Memorandum In Support of it's Opposition to Petitioner's Motion for Summary JudgmentBurbridge  
Archived 8/10/2007Notice of Hearing and OrderFlitner  
Archived 8/10/2007DEQ's Pre-hearing MemorandumBurbridge  
Archived 8/10/2007WOC's Pre-hearing MemorandumJones  
Archived 9/5/2007Petitioners' Amended List of WitnessesJones  
Archived 9/7/2007Berlin Subpoena.DEQBurbridge  
Archived 9/13/2007Dickerson Subpoena.JonesJones  
Archived 9/13/2007Gonzales Subpoena.JonesJones  
Archived 9/13/2007Kelly Subpoena.JonesJones  
Archived 9/13/2007Turner Subpoena.JonesJones  
Archived 9/13/2007Welles Subpoena.JonesJones  
Archived 9/20/2007Petitioners' Amended List of ExhibitsJones  
Archived 9/20/2007Petitioner's Second Amended List of WitnessesJones  
Archived 9/25/2007USDA Letter.9-25-07Japher  
Archived 9/25/2007Motion to Quash Subpoenas.SharpSharp  
Archived 9/25/2007Attachment A.SharpSharp  
Archived 9/25/2007Attachment B.SharpSharp  
Archived 9/25/2007Attachment C.SharpSharp  
Archived 9/25/2007Attachment D.SharpSharp  
Archived 10/10/2007Submission of Proposed Order Granting Petitioners' Motion for Summary JudgmentJones  
Archived 10/12/2007Proposed Order Granting Petitioners' Motion for Summary JudgmentBurbridge  
Archived 11/30/2007Order Granting Petitioners' Motion for Summary JudgmentFlitner  
Archived 12/19/2007DEQ's Petition for RehearingBurbridge  
Archived 12/19/2007Crazy Woman Memo ExhibitsWagner, DiRienzo  
Archived 12/19/2007DEQ-WQD Memorandum in Support of Petition for RehearingBurbridge  
Archived 1/3/2008Petroleum Association of Wyoming's Motion to IntervenePalma  
Archived 1/11/2008Response of Petitioners to DEQ's Petition for RehearingJones  
Archived 1/28/2008Petitioner's Response to Motion to InterveneJones  
Archived 3/14/2008Order Setting Motion HearingsMoore  
Archived 3/19/2008Exhibit from 3-19-08 Motion Hearing.JonesJones  
Archived 4/16/2008Order Vacating Motion HearingMoore  
Archived 5/8/2008Proposed Order Denying Motion to IntervenePalma, Burbridge  
Archived 5/27/2008Order Setting Motion HearingMoore  
Archived 6/13/2008Order Denying Motion to InterveneBoal  
Archived 8/12/2008Order Denying PetitionBoal  

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