File Name: Copperleaf Subdivision
EQC Docket Number: 05-3805
Date Opened: 11/9/2005
AG Attorney: Barrash
Prevailing Party: Respondent
Date of Disposition: 5/11/2006
Date File Closed: 5/11/2006
Archive Date: 3/9/2015
Archive Box:
City: Cody
County: Park
DEQ File Number: unknown
Division: Water Quality
Case type: Citizen objection to a mine permit or decision of the Director
Hearing Examiner: S. Flitner
Summary: Northfork Communities, Inc. ("Developer") is the developer of a proposed subdivision in Wapiti Valley, Park County, Wyoming called: Copperleaf Subdivision. This is an appeal from a decision by the Administrator of the WQD to Copperleaf's Chapter 23 Subdivision Application. The case was dismissed because the DEQ Administrator's decision was not a final decision.


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
Archived 11/9/2005Petition for Review/Request for HearingWendtlandPleadingAccepted
1/23/2006DEQ's Motion for Extension of time to File Response to AppealBarrashPleadingAccepted
2/7/2006Sent Order Granting DEQ's Motion for Extension of Time to File Respnse to Appeal to ParticipantsFlitnerOrderAccepted
2/13/2006Motion to Intervene by Worthington group of Wyoming, LLC as Developer of the Copperleaf SubdivisionStinsonPleadingAccepted
3/1/2006DEQ's Response to Northfork Group's PetitionBarrashPleadingAccepted
3/2/2006DEQ's Supplement to Response to Northfork Group's PetitionBarrashPleadingAccepted
3/3/2006Intervention Order OrderAccepted
3/8/2006Request for Expedited Scheduling ConferenceWendtlandPleadingAccepted
3/10/2006Response to Petition For Review/Request for Hearing from Worthington Group of Wyoming, LLC as Developer of Copperleaf Sub.StinsonPleadingAccepted
3/10/2006Amended Certificate of Service(Removed)Wendtland Removed
3/17/2006DEQ's Memorandum in Support to DismissBarrashPleadingAccepted
3/17/2006DEQ's Motion to Dismiss Petition and Request for HearingBarrashPleadingAccepted
4/6/2006Response to Respondent's Motion to DismissWendtlandPleadingAccepted
4/21/2006DEQ's Reply to Northfork Group's Response to DEQ's Motion to DismissBarrashPleadingAccepted
5/10/2006Brand.Entry of AppearanceBrandPleadingAccepted
5/10/2006Petitioner's Motion to Withdraw Petition for Review/Request for Hearing without PrejudiceWendtlandPleadingAccepted
5/10/2006Supreme Court Order Dismissing AppealWY Supreme CourtOrderAccepted
5/11/2006Order of Dismissal OrderAccepted
3/9/2015Copperleaf Ex. AJim RubyPleading ExhibitAccepted
3/9/2015Copperleaf Ex. BJim RubyPleading ExhibitAccepted
3/9/2015Copperleaf Ex. CJim RubyPleading ExhibitAccepted
3/9/2015Copperleaf Ex. DJim RubyPleading ExhibitAccepted

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