File Name: Paul Reed Construction & Supply, Inc.
EQC Docket Number: 05-3211
Date Opened: 4/22/2005
AG Attorney: Mike Barrash
Prevailing Party: Petitioner
Date of Disposition: 9/21/2005
Date File Closed: 9/21/2005
Archive Date: 2/10/2015
Archive Box:
City: Cheyenne
County: Laramie
DEQ File Number: 3683-05
Division: Water Quality
Case type: NOV & Order if Docket Ends with A it's been appeal
Hearing Examiner: Gordon
Summary: Failure to pay WYPDES Permit fees for WYPDES Authorization WYR101613


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
2/4/2005Notice of Violation and OrderCorra/WagnerOrderAccepted
4/22/2005Letter, Corra/Wagner to Paul Reed Construction & S(Removed)  Removed
5/12/2005Letter, Corra/Wagner to Paul Reed - Settlement(Removed)  Removed
9/21/2005Order Approving Order OrderAccepted

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