File Name: Snowy Range Properties
EQC Docket Number: 05-3201
Date Opened: 1/11/2005
AG Attorney: Barrash
Prevailing Party: Party Settled
Date of Disposition: 7/18/2005
Date File Closed: 7/18/2005
Archive Date: 3/11/2015
Archive Box:
City: Laramie
County: Albany
DEQ File Number: 3629-04
Division: Water Quality
Case type: Objections to orders of the Director's
Hearing Examiner: Gordon
Summary: DEQ issued NOV & Order to Snowy Range on 12/30/04. The NOV and Order was for contamination of the groundwater due to a failure of the small wastewater treatment system and the operation of a public water supply that had been constructed without a permit


 ViewDateTitleFiled ByDocument TypeStatus
1/11/2005Appeal of NOVNicholas, AnthonyPleadingAccepted
1/13/2005Order to Show CauseSimsOrderAccepted
Archived 1/21/2005Snowy Range's Brief in Response to Order to Show CAnthony  
1/24/2005DEQ's Response to Order to Show Cause(Removed)BarrashPleadingRemoved
3/23/2005Joint Stip for Withdrawal of Appeal and DismissalCorra, Wagner, DuvallPleadingAccepted
Archived 3/23/2005Administrative Order on ConsentCorra, Wagner, Duvall  
7/18/2005Order Approving Admin. Order on Consent and DismisMark GordonOrderAccepted

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